Agon Members at CES

It's that time of year again, and being the social organizer that I seem to be, I am going to make a suggestion so that those of us who are attending CES can recognize one another. In most cases, we don't know each other's real names, so it won't be so obvious. However, I'm sure many of us would like to meet one another. Here's my idea...

If Audiogon is having a table there, perhaps they could dispell a small stickon (such as a green dot) that could be attached to one's badge. In that way, it would be easy to spot another Agon member and introduce yourself.

In past years I've tried to organize a cell phone list and other such contact mechanisms. Didn't really work. This would be easy to do, and I think it would work. Either Agon could hand out the dots, or we could agree and do it ourselves.

Any thoughts?
Sounds good to me. I'll be there.
I'll be the one with the broom stick handle sticking out of my butt! I guess I could wear a green dot it one of those special 'tuning dots' Peter?

Actually I don't think I can make it as money is tight..wish things were different as I'd like to put a few faces to the names. Then again, I may get a whoopin' from some of the folks who don't like my style, or lack thereof:-p! So I'll look at it as saving my skin instead of missing the show.

I'll be there too. If you also are an inmate at Audio Asylum, you'd be aware of some of the regular CES happenings. Hope to meet some of you in Lost Wages!

Stop by Alexis Park 1302, where Metralla, aka Geoff Thompson, and I will be hanging out from time to time as well as others from this site and Audio Asylum.

I have all my reservations, badge and crap in the ready, but work may keep me away. I'll try my best to make it.

Just one thing though. Since I have a large slanted green head, that puny green dot may be difficult to see.

Marco, AlbertPorter, Mattybumpkin same room as last year? Remember to bring a spare set of undies, as one of you guys didn't do such a great job of hanging on to your set last time. Them damn strippers!

I'm at CES again this year, it's the one date in my agenda that's set in stone. I checked the weather; jeez it ain't real nice in LV lately, hopefully it dries up and the temperature is a little less "Canadian". I'm up for being dotted and hope to bump into some of you fellow 'Goners. Best, Jeff
I'm looking forward to it, Brian. It's good to know you'll be there.

Hi Geoff! Yes, I'll be there with my strange and wonderful music. Will be glad to buy you a cup of coffee :)
Be there too. I like the idea of the green dot and will look for some. I will put one on my badge even if this doesnt become standard.
I'm all for the green dot but wonder if instead it should be "Audiogon Yellow?"

Remember, I will be taking photo's of EVERYTHING. If I catch any of you at the porn show or with strippers like last year, I'm gonna put it up at Audiogon for your significant other to see. (Hear that Gunbei, Jax2 ?)

Of course those images could "disappear" for the right amount of cash.
I'll be there too. First time so I'm really not sure what to expect. Green stickers eh? Kind of sounds like a start to a joke, "So there were all these guys at CES with green stickers on their badge....
I'll be in the Starsound room at the St. Tropez, Room 1609.

I'll probably also be part-time in the Teres Audio/Red Rock Audio room, and also the Tyler Acoustics room. We'll have some of our stuff in those rooms too, as well as a few other rooms.

I am very much looking forward to meeting my Audiogon friends. In the off-hours, I'll probably be seen roving the premises with Albert Porter.
That's one of the reasons I'm so broke Albert; I'm still paying you off from last years pictures!!!! Never go for the installment plan Dean...just the lump sum. That compounded interest will kill ya' every time!

Gunbei got nabbed!!! I bet it was with Christy. Gunbei, YOU need to keep YOUR underwear on!!

And you thought all that cash I had in my pocket was just for Olympic Gardens and Cheetahs, eh? That's my emergency soiled chones money!

You keep away from my Christy, heheh.

Damn, outed again!

I just checked the 10 day forecast on for Las Vegas. They're calling for rain/snow on Friday.
I'll be there all 4 day's. Hope to meet some of you.
P.S. Dress warm
Anything's possible in terms of weather, but rain usually doesn't last long. There was an exception to this a few years ago when it rained more or less steadily for three days straight during CES. What a mess!
Audiogon will be hosting an Internet Cafe in the main lobby of the St. Tropez (next door to Alexis Park). We hope all members will drop by. We would be happy to bring with us something that will help identify Agon members to other members. Green or Yellow dots seem to be a good possibility?
Audiogon Yellow.

Everyone will be green with envy, especially Gunbei.
Hope you guys have fun! I really wish CES would go back to Chicago. I'd be there in a second!
Thank you Agon! You guys make the choice on the sticker, and we will all stop by and pick them up from you at the St. Tropez. I look forward to identifying and meeting my fellows in just over a week. Best, Peter S.
Dirtyragamuffin wrote:
I really wish CES would go back to Chicago. I'd be there in a second!
You and me both, since I'm in the area. But it's unlikely to happen, mainly because of cost and labor issues.
Yellow it is then
Count down... I'm flying tomorrow. Can't wait!
i'll be there late Thursday nite....thru mid-day Sunday.
Hey Mike, see ya in the 9's room, eh?
Mes, se ya there. Jonathan says they rock (but you KNEW that). i can't wait.
I'll be there on Sunday, looking for all you trouble-makers.
Can anyone tell me where online there's a listing of all the high end exhibitors and what rooms they are in? Need to plan my assault tactics to make the most of the day. Cheers,
Sbank, for a list of exhibitors...
T.H.E. Show - go to Show Information / Exhibitor List

CES Exhibitor List