Ageing Krell KSA150 - repair or replace

Hello there.
Need some advise please. I've been using a Krell KSA150 power amp with a KRC re-amp for almost 15 years now driving Monitor Audio Studio 20SE speakers. With improvements to set-up & cable upgrades over the years, I am now very happy with the sound. But recently, DC appeared at the right channel speaker output which meant re-capping, which in Hong Kong where I live is quite expensive - some US$500 per channel.
I am pondering whether to replace or pay for the re-cap. My power amp has not been trouble free in its life - its had power transisitor & start up board failures in its time. Sound-wise, it good though was shown up as having a typical solid state sound when a friend lent me his Jadis JA30 mono-blocks many years ago. However, in terms of timing & rhythm, which is important for me, the Krell was better.
If I replace, I was thinking along the lines of a FPB300. Or should I be considering something else?
Your comments & advise will be appreciated.
I would consider replacing you KSA-150. I had the KRC-3 Pre-Amp and KSA-50S Amp and thought that it was "IT" until last Christmas when I heard the Musical Fidelity A308cr Amp. I couldn't stand to listen to the Krell after that because the drums and cymbals weren't as natural as the MF Amp. I was told that what I was hearing was what the term "dark" meant.

I traded mine in and bought the Musical Fidelity A308cr Amp, and I very happy with it. Recently I heard the Jeff Rowland M201 monoblocks against my MF Amp, and I liked the Jeff Rowland even better. I've heard the new Krell amps aren't as dark either.

I think if you'll take some time and check around, you'll find that the Krell KSA-150 is not bad, just out-of-date. There's a lot of new stuff for the same price that you may find better, unless you like the darker sound or it fits in your system well.
Definitely, the FPB300 (or 400). I've had both vintages.