Aftermarket umbilical cords

Hi folks. Does anyone have input on the use of premium cords connecting power supplies to pre-amps or phono stages? I've got a Pass XP-25 phono and wonder if replacing the stock connecting umbilical cord would benefit sonically. Thanks, Joe.
Timely thread, as I’ve got a Supratek Chardonnay two-piece tube preamp arriving tomorrow, winter storm permitting. I’ve seen the RAL thread and also hesitate about it being a silver cord, as I lean tonally to the lightly warm side and that’s trickier with silver. Doug Schroeder’s WyWires umbilical review a few years back says he had to modify his speaker’s high end to control for the cord. Maybe that was one off, as I think the WyWires umbilicals are copper. In any case, I’m open to ideas. Thanks,
@highstream did you ever got to upgrade the umbilicals? Chardonnay has 2 or 1?
One. See my post last night on the Agon Supratek or Don Sachs thread.
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I wouldn’t ever say “for sure,” since personal preferences are in play. Otherwise, any aftermarket cable would do.