Aftermarket umbilical cords

Hi folks. Does anyone have input on the use of premium cords connecting power supplies to pre-amps or phono stages? I've got a Pass XP-25 phono and wonder if replacing the stock connecting umbilical cord would benefit sonically. Thanks, Joe.
Yes,premium umbilical cords definitely improve SQ. Pretty much every company makes them now. If you have a favorite power cord, ask the manufacturer. As with power cords, the connectors are as important as the wire. If you’re looking for suggestions, try Cerious Technologies and/or Acoustic BBQ. Several years ago, I DIY’d my own with 20awg pure solid OCC copper. Immediately heard a significant improvement.
I’ve upgraded the power cables on my components for years and always found sonic improvements.

For a component the quality of the Pass xp-25 I would look at power cables from KLE Innovations or Nordost to make a significant improvement.

There are DIY cables that will also work extremely well - but they are for the more accomplished DIY’er - they’re not just attaching mains connectors to a piece of bulk cable, but they do look more complicated than most

Regards - Steve
I bought my Revelations used on Audiogon, no experience with the company...
Wywires makes umbilical cords ($395?) for Modwright Oppo power supplies and have been well received. Perhaps Alex can make one for you. The  company is also having a 40% off sale until March 20th, with a 30 day money back. Tough to beat that!
Had ARC SP15 Great Northern Sound made be a custom umbilical it was a big upgrade in sound.After this i ungraded my entire SP15 with Black Gate caps etc.The problem will be getting a great tech to do this.Good luck!!
Good thread. I need a replacement for my Morrison Audio ELAD. I'm going to try Cerious. Robert's a great guy and I love his cables.
Timely thread, as I’ve got a Supratek Chardonnay two-piece tube preamp arriving tomorrow, winter storm permitting. I’ve seen the RAL thread and also hesitate about it being a silver cord, as I lean tonally to the lightly warm side and that’s trickier with silver. Doug Schroeder’s WyWires umbilical review a few years back says he had to modify his speaker’s high end to control for the cord. Maybe that was one off, as I think the WyWires umbilicals are copper. In any case, I’m open to ideas. Thanks,
@highstream did you ever got to upgrade the umbilicals? Chardonnay has 2 or 1?
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I wouldn’t ever say “for sure,” since personal preferences are in play. Otherwise, any aftermarket cable would do.