Aftermarket Power supply’s with Martin Logan ESL

Is anybody using aftermarket low noise all warts with Martin Logan speakers? I have been looking at these:

The thing that worries me, ML uses a 15V / 0.4A supply. The ifi low noise ones are 15V /1.5A 

any thoughts or opinions would be welcomed.

No problem with using the ifi . The 1.5 amp designation means that is the maximum current that can be passed by the ifi device. Your ML speakers only draw less than .4 of an amp. So you are plenty safe using one ifi per speaker. In fact at its 1.5 amp rating the ifi can power two ML speakers safely.
Your ML speakers only draw less than .4 of an amp.
Not even, 10 x less. More like 5watts for both, and that’s for the big CLS-IIZ’s

From the CLS manual:
" Will my electric bill go ‘sky high’ by leaving my speakers plugged in all the time?" 
"No. A pair of MartinLogans will draw about 5 watts maximum."

Cheers George
Thanks for the votes of confidence! I was worried the ac adaptors from Isi would pass the full 1.5 amps to the Logan’s and might fry something. 
It could be all in my head but I swear it sounds better!