Aftermarket power cords for McIntosh amps/preamps

Just wanting to hear from McIntosh owners and those familiar with the MC402 amp and the C2200 preamp and their recommendations for some aftermarket power cords with price tags less than 350 USD used. I have a Cardas Golden Reference right now on the MC402 and a Harmonic Tech Fantasy Ac-10 on the C2200 preamp. Thank you. Dave.
the power cords on mac really are great. mac is not likely to sound much better with a custom cord. check the roger russell website.
If you are looking for fairly inexpensive (59.00 for 3 feet and 4.00 each extra foot.)

The Power cables are pretty nice 10gage wire. I have a 10ft one on my MC352 and I do notice a big difference compaired to the stock one. I am not sure how much better it would sound with a cable at twice the price.

I am using Harmonic Tec ProII on my MC253 and MX135 and using a PS Audio Interlude(I beleeve that's the name) in My MC7205. I went with the PS Audio because of the removable ground pin. For some reason I get a ground hum on the 7205 and that cured it. As far as you other question on IC Cables I am using Cardas Golden Reference RCA's I tried the XLR but could not hear difference in 1 meter lengths
Jaybo is right:

Plenty of folks waste good $$$.$$ on cords, wires, cables.
The power cords on Macs are standard, and, no matter what Roger Rusell writes, custom cords make a huge difference, as they did with my C200 and MC402. As excellent as their engineering is, limited is McIntoshs experience with cable and wire, it seems. When I started our with their amps and called them I got the answer from Chuck Hinton: "ICs, PCs and speaker cables sound all the same". My own experience turned out to be completely different. As far as PCs are concerned, I got excellent results with PS Audio┬┤s Statement and, for less money, with LAT International┬┤s PC, which is now in a MkII-version
I agree, I could never figure out why you would spend $2000 on a few feet of power cord when the next 100 or so feet to the breaker panel is romex at about a 1.00 a foot.

I went with the signalcable becuse I wanted to match the 10 gage wire (romex) I have dedicated all the way back to the panel. Its nice and costs what a power cord should.

The French are conducting interesting research right now on the resonances of the corona effect on the air molecules in the listening room. It seems that it doesn't matter if "the next 100 or so feet to the breaker panel is romex" or not because corrections can be made at the back end - e.g. power cords in particular (compared to ics at much lower signal voltages) since the effect is very small to begin with. If you are interested in details, let me know and I can type up huge long emails about it.

I don't know that I agree with all of it but I definately feel we don't know everything we think we do - and this as an electrical engineer.

I used to be like McIntosh (i.e. a literal engineer) in that I didn't think cables made a difference. Well, I don't think that anymore after having been impressed with how my McIntoshes reacted to my MIT Z-cord 2 PC. I don't think speaker wires or interconnects make a huge difference (they do make a small one SOMETIMES) but PCs do modify "something" that is audible in many cases, provided your speakers are transparent enough and your hearing is good, of course.