Aftermarket Power Cord and Marantz SA-1

The Marantz SA-1 comes with a two-pronged power cord. Has anyone experimented with substituting an aftermarket power cord?
Yes, I use an Ensemble 1 meter cord that has 3 prongs on the outlet side, from my SA-1 into an Ensemble Isolink. Sounds great, no problems at all. Before I got the Isolink, I used the cable into the Ensemble power strip, also w/no problems and good sound.
I too wondered about this when I received my Marantz SA-14. I am using a Zcable Thunder power cord which sounds exceptionally good.
i use the Shunyata King Cobra II with my SA-1. the KCv.2 is plugged into a PS600. with this combo i get a lower noise floor, better dynamics, more ease in the presentation, and a more layered and deeper soundstage. the KCv.2 seems to do about 75% of the improvement compared to 25% for the PS600. i have not tried the Hydra but i am led to believe it improves on the PS600. the SA-1 is a very hi-rez source that will benefit from good care and feeding. everthing seems to matter.