Aftermarket feet for ARC ref 5

Just treated myself to this pre. Any ideas on the best supports assuming there are improvements over the attached feet. eg Stillpoints?
I am reposting a portion of a post I wrote about the differences between the Ref. 3 and the Ref. 5 from a year or so ago.

I should also point out that the Ref. 5 does benefit, (albeit very slightly), from being placed upon a inert shelf. My friend has a Gran Prix Monaco shelving system. However, he has only one Carbon Fiber shelf, (the rest are acrylic). When the Ref. 3 was in its usual spot on this carbon fiber shelf, it sounded much closer to the Ref. 5 than when it was on the acrylic shelf and the Ref. 5 was on the carbon fiber shelf. (Yeah, go figure that it would make that much of a difference, huh?! But it did.)

I thought this might be of some help, as it is somewhat related to your post, as it goes to show that a good isolation shelf can really help, (which probably means upgraded feet can do something similar).

My two cents worth anyway.
Good Luck in your research.
Stillpoints would be a great product to try. I use them under my VAC preamp. IME the stillpoints work best with a heavier component and something with a rigid bottom plate. I looked at the specs for the Ref 5 and it weighs 30lbs so that should be a good match. In the photos it was unclear whether it uses a thin sheetmetal bottom plate or an aluminum plate.