After years of separates, I'm going integrated. Anyone else do the same?

I'm rethinking my listening room. I want my audio rack to be more minimalist vs lots of boxes, wires, and clutter. I know separates, in general, will sound better. However, at the level of my system, I'm not certain the difference would be as apparent. In the grand scheme of things of Audiophilia, my level of components are mid-fi at best (BHK Pre, First Watt J2, Elac PPA-2 phono, Pro-ject s2 Dac, ZU Omen Defs)

I'm favoring one of the Luxman Class A's (I know Luxman is getting out of the Class A business. The only way I would favor a built-in Dac is if it were upgradable like McIntosh or Accuphase. I'm guessing a Luxman or Mac built-in phono would sound just as good as to what I have now (Elac PPA-2).

So the question is, who else has gone to integrated? Do you regret the move or are you glad you did?



@rick2000 at $50K plus I would hope.

All new Vinnie Rossi BRAMA Integrated amp and QLN Signature 5 Monitors might just be the End-Game System For LIFE !

I auditioned 7 different high end integrated amps before settling on my Pass Labs int 250. Other amps I auditioned are the Hegel H590, Gryphon Diablo 300, Moon 340ix, Luxman 509X, VAC 170i, and Naim Supernait 3. They ALL sounded outstanding. But my ears really liked the int 250, with my system. My other components include...Harbeth Super HL+ 40th Anniversary speakers, MSB Discrete DAC Dual Power Supply, Roon Nucleus lifetime license, Focal Stellia headphones, Naim Uniti Atom Headphone Edition headphone amp, streamer, music player. I'm extremely happy with my system. It fits my needs and application perfectly. Very sweet sounding system from top to bottom. 

I have used separates for many years but like you approx. 6 months ago I sold most of it and purchased a Luxman 509x and I'm over the moon with it. I have a Bada CD player, Garrard 301, Elac Miracord 90, Line Magnetic DAC LM-32, Bluesound Vault and Tannoy Glenairs. The system never sounded better. Now I just listen to music, the critic has left the room. BTW the phono stage in the Luxman is fantastic. Good luck with your search.

@audiofound I have heard both the int250 and Diablo 300 but not in the same system. What would you say is the sonic difference?