After Walker Audio Reference Phono Amp...

I like the Walker... it is smooth and musical without any artefacts... are there any better stuff worth exploring out there?

Wondering where to go next. Thanks!
sky is the limit, but synergy is more important.
Nick Doshi's is one that I recommend to investigate.
I like solid-state stuff. Just wondering if there are any better phono stages out there.
There are a raft of "usual suspects" phono stages at that highest level of performance. Only you can choose one that may sound better, to you, than the Walker. Opinions of others are worthless, or should be worthless, to you.
Dear guys,

Thank you and I understand your replies.
My ears, my sound, and I have to personally listen to it/them... hee hee ;)

Just wondering what people who used to own Walker have moved on to... I am trying to find the "usual suspects", so that I can go and have a listen to them.