I have a Musical Fidelity A5 cd player which I am very
happy with...I am a resolution detail type of guy.
I use small Mcintosh ss amps with B&W 705's.
I know this is a popular player on this site. I think I am
going to look at some others....I like to try stuff.
Am I upgrading going to a MAC mcd 201....used Meridian...
Esoteric SA-10? Around $3400 is as far as would go.
SS or tube makes no difference to me with my equipment.
They both sound good. Got the bug.

i have owned a sa-10 for about 3 months now and am quite amazed at what esoteric can do for this amount of money. it is a very good sound piece of gear. the detail is amazing and that is not all the sound stag is great. some pleople have said not enough slam in the bass but they are wrong it is awsome. i play mostly rebook cd and a few sacds. i think you would be very happy with this player
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I have used a DAC.......I like the MF X-DAC V8.
It is how I went to the A5. I also have had success
with the Cary cd players with upsampling on the fly.
I have used a 308T and CDP-1....I do think the
MF A5 is more musical. The Benchmark is a good suggestion.
What would you use as a transport?
Ayre CX-7e - haven't heard it, gets good reviews here and in the press.

Marantz SA-11s1 - warm and detailed at the same time.

Linn MAJIK - detail champ in this price range

Shanling CD-T1000SE CD Player with Level-1 modifications from Underwood HiFi - intriguing, ultra cool looking Chinese tubed CDP with heavy duty mods
Thats any easy solution. You buy the new Musical Fidelity A5.5 due out shortly. Thats what I may do myself.
Modwright Signature Truth Sony 9100 with tube rectification. Detailed, accurate and musical. Large soundstage, well defined imaging, and harmonically true with good decay.

Bettered the Audio Logic 24MXL and Northstar DACs, and the Lector CDP7T and Exemplar Denon 2900 CDPs IMS. At least as good as the APL Denon 3910.

Dan had a couple of show demos up for sale here yesterday, don't know if they're still available. A steal if they are.
Forgot that I had the Ayre CX 7e in my system also.

I listenend to the Cary 303-300 and the MF A5 at a dealer's and thought the latter was better.

None of them have the resolution or dimensionality of the Modwright.