After some upgrades, where is the weak link

Have just finished a couple upgrades, and would like your opinions on where the weak link in the system is now...details:

Levinson 390s player (digital out to processor)

Levinson 380s preamp

Levinson 360s processor

Levinson 436 monoblocks (balanced connection from the preamp, and they rest on Core Designs amp stands)

Revel Salons

Martin Logan Depth (single ended connection from preamp)

RPG 600 power conditioner--amps plugged directly in the wall (with Porter Pots cryo's outlets) and preamp, cd player, processor and sub plugged into the power conditioner

MIT AC1 power cord for the cd player

Kimber cable XLR from processor to preamp

Kimber cable PK-10 gold power cords for the amps

Staightwire (not sure of model, but their top of the line) biwire to the speakers (around 3 foot runs)

System geometry can be seen on my system description page.

It sounds pretty good to my ears--but interested in your opinions on the weakest link...


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I don't see any weak links.

Looks like your in minor tweak/tuning territory at worst to me.

A tube in the source might be a tweak that could soften the digital source up a bit perhaps if needed.

What kind of question is that? The question is what do you think the weak link is. Lack of imaging, sound stage, depth of image, does the system sound harsh, not involving enough, the tonal quality is not quite right, instruments don't sound like I have heard them sound. Ask you self. "self, do I want to listen longer but I know I have to get up early in the morning"
The question was directed at those who have replaced one of the components in their system that I have in mine and found it a useful upgrade.

I have not had the opportunity to listen to a system in the "mega dollar" range so my baseline for sound is my own system--was just looking for opinions on my system.

One thing that does puzzle me is the bass from the Salons is not all that strong--it is there, but there is no real percussive quality to the impact of a bass drum (about 45 seconds into Bruce Hornsby's Halcyon Days for example)...the bass drum is there, but it does not feel like air is moving. When I brought the sub down from the home theater, the bass drum came into the room, and you can "feel the wave" hit you...I'd have thought for their price and size the Salons would have done better by themselves.

As to sound, it is rich, full, wide and focused all at the same time...I may have hit the end position, but always open to suggestions.

And, yes, I have had some bleary-eyed mornings lately because I stayed up too late listening.

While your system may not be technically in the "mega dollar" range , it is close enough for all but the extremely wealthy. There is no glaring weak point as far as your components or cabling goes. It's possible that the speaker cables or some other cable in your loom may not be a synergistic match for your gear but I think the real weak link in your system may be speaker placement, or possibly your room. Getting loudspeakers, especially full or near full range ones to produce satisfying bass can be a daunting, frustrating and time consuming exercise at best. Even after hours of trial and error, moving around large heavy enclosures in small increments, it is ultimately sometimes an exercise in futility, as some speakers just don't match certain rooms. Acoustical treatments can be very helpful if applied correctly, but the greatest gains are often to be had with placement experimentation. I tinkered with placement for my current speakers for almost a year before finally being satisfied that I had achieved the best possible integration of my speakers in my room. Just be sure to mark the location of your speakers current placement, in case a new positioning scheme is not to your liking and you want to return the speakers to their previous spots. The dealer I frequent local to me is a Revel dealer and I have heard the Salons many times and know they are capable of prodigious low frequency output and explosive dynamics without the aid of a subwoofer.

Thanks for the response...the speakers are probably in their final spot, and I'll live with the bottom end from the sub. Will eventually add another one--thinking about a transport to replace the 390s next--MBL probably.

How about a good record player? That will give you something to occupy your spare time. I have no problem with CDs, but I think anyone looking for audio satisfaction should also consider vinyl to compliment their CD collection. You may realize that that "extra" thing you were looking for was not a different transport, etc.
Wow! Nice system. If you go to Decware website, Steve has written many papers on room acoustics. He states that 50% of sound is from components and the other 50% is the room that they are in and how they interact together. You might have standing bass waves that are causing a null in the listening position.
Have you listened from different areas to see if the bass is stronger than it is when you are in the sweet spot? Try it and see, if the bass is stronger in a different seat then maybe some bass traps would help.
Of course, always check polarity of speaker connections if the bass is not happening as it should.

Speaker placement is the next most likely culprit.

And of course adding a sub seldom hurts with most speakers if adjusted to blend in properly..
The weak link is in the mirror,Beware the Ides of March....