After nearly 20 years, I left Magnepan and went ProAc

Listened to proac d48r's a few weeks ago and fell in love at first listen. After a couple of days I got my wife to sign my "permission slip" and took the plunge and they now reside where my 1.6 once stood.  You see, I've never heard a speaker literally mesmerize me and engage me like this before.  Sure the Maggie's have a huge image and soundstage and transparency, but these Proacs simply sound more like a real event, with dynamics and palpability, with a more refined and true sound.  The images are much more dense.   

I only have 48 hours on them so they are nowhere near their final voice, but they are breaking in nicely.  The manual says they require a lengthy break in.  I pulled out my old marantz cd-5000 to do the break in honors and will run these straight for a week or two and then taper off with normal listening.   

One thing I dont care for are the spikes. They have these little slits that aid in tightening, but no tool to go around them, so I can't get a good tightening with just my the spikes jiggle.  When I check  I can hear the spike and lock but chatter, and   this is not helping my  stability or sound.  Any sugesstions to tighten them right would be helpful. Thanks.  Cheers to a new chapter!   Wanted to share my excitement with you.  So grateful and never thought I would have speakers like This.  It feels like a dream!

" Any sugesstions to tighten them right would be helpful. "

Get an assortment of rubber O rings from an auto parts store. If they're not sure what kind, tell them to give you the ones that go on A/C lines.

Pick a size that best fits your feet and use it like you would a washer. Having the rubber o ring in between the 2 hard metal surfaces will allow you to get a much tighter fit by hand. It works the same way the o ring on an oil filter does.
An audio buddy has the ProAcs and found bliss the Keith Herron monoblocks. Not an obvious choice but a highly felicitous one.