After Market Stands for new Magnepan .7's

Greetings all. I have a pair of the new Magnepan .7's with the stock bent leg feet. Is anyone aware of a source for after market stands for these? Being a newer model i don't find much on the net. Magnepan will sell the odd looking oval stands for $310.00 but I'm not too hip on those....
Is Mye making stands for these?
You should check out their website or phone him.

For what it is worth, I found Mye stands to be a huge upgrade for my 1.6QRs, but they hardly made a perceptible difference with my 3.7Rs.
The .7 series has a better frame, I believe.  I'd want to hear someone who has used after market stands with success on the .7's before spending the money.
Sound Anchors aren't as expensive as Mye's, and the models they make for Eminent Technology and Vandersteen are mandatory for getting the best from those speakers.
I have a two limited edition versions of .7 stands available one has two elevations, one has a single lower profile. I am not trying to sell here but have a prototype that is attractive that you could have in exchange for feedback and a few photos of your .7 on the stands. The look is professional and the sonic gains is something everyone has heard. The stand is the two elevation version. 
Mye stands, magnestand Peter Gunn rebuilds the entire speaker and Xover ,and truly transform them the last I knew .
if you have an extra $2k or so more night and day better.