after market power cords for power conditioner or amps etc

Hello,  my front amps, subwoofer and A/V processor are plugged into a Furman IT 20I.  I was thinking about getting some middle of the road after market power cables to experiment if the power cords really make a difference.  I am thinking it would be a good idea to begin by replacing the power cord on the Furman IT 20I instead of incrementally repacking the A/V processor and amps chords.  Please advise.
Thank you.
Audio Envy makes excellent power cords that very reasonably priced.
What is the rest of your system?

What is your budget for PC?
I replaced the chords on my amps, preamp, & source with Nordost Red Dawns. It hurt but there was a noticeable improvement. I plug them into a Niagara 1200 for power conditioning. The Niagara definitely made the biggest difference for me.