After market PC's to Power Conditioners

Wondering if any one else notices this, or is it unique to my Power conditioner, which is a Tice PowerBlock III C.
After market Power cords I have used sound better plugged into the wall rather than the PowerBlock. And thats not a knock on the PowerBlock , becuase most stock or upgraded but non filtered cords , into the Tice ,are comparable to after market PC's plugged straight into the Outlet. Just wondering as a rule of thumb, should an after market PC be plugged into the outlet rather than a Power Conditioner because perhaps the filters Clash ? Also as a side note whats a great after market PC for a Classe 401 and a Vel HGS 12 .........either going into the Tice or into a dedicated outlet. Regards, The Transporter.

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I have the Tice 3A and a PS Audio P300 for front-end gear. I'm using Mapleshade power cords on my custom-made SET monoblocks and have tried them into the wall (dedicated 20-amp circuits) and into the Tice. Both the amp designer and I prefer them into the Tice. The Omega Mikro power cord on my Sony XA777ES sounds best into the PS Audio, while another Omega Mikro on a VPI SDS sounds best into the wall. Moral: Experiment.