after market battery power for DAC

I'm looking for someone that can replace the AC power plant of a DAC and hack in a battery powered solution. I'm thinking of doing this with either the SlimDevices Transport or the new PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC.

Any ideas?
I would check with Chris Johnson at Balanced Power Technologies (BPT), Vinnie Rossi at Red Wine Audio, or Wayne at Bolder Cable. I know BPT and Red Wine build, or have built, battery supplies for squeezeboxes and Wayne does some mods for the transporter, so I'm sure they could advise you.
I'll 2nd RWA recommendation. Vinnie is coming out with battery power supply for variety of components, including phonostages, Sonos, squeezeboxes,iWadia etc. (+12V, +24V, +-12V and custom work as well).

Good luck

I suppose I should have thought of Vinnie at Red Wine - I have a Sig 30.2 and it would match up perfectly.

I'll try the others if Vinnie can't get to it. Thanks!
Kyle at Reference Audio Mods does battery conversions for digital sources. There is some art to arriving at the optimal combination of battery, filtering capacitance, and DC voltage regulation.
Talked to both Vinnie at Red Wine and Kyle at Reference Mods. Vinnie isn't going to do one due to the complexity of the different voltages in the unit. Kyle is going to give it a shot, but warns it might be pricey.

This is looking more complicated than I had hoped.
Why not go for the battery dac like Isabellina DAC or Altmann Attraction DAC?

Mariusz, I want the integrated file based playback to avoid having to have a separate source/transport device. The PS Audio gear gets me the sound I like with plus the capability of high res, and it does it all without ever taking the data out of I2S format.

That said, if Vinnie ever adds equivalent features to the Isabellina, I would be all over it.