After Linn Genki.... I'm looking a solution.....

Hi everybody, my name is Emilio, and live in Italy.
My sistem: Linn Genki, Signal Cardas Gold Reference, Amplifer OTL 6C33 60 watt
( ), Cardas Hexlink 5C, Dynaudio Special 25, my room 3,30 x 3,60m.
I would like to sell my Genki, for to buy a used dac with economical drive Piooner 585b.
I am thinking a these dac for max budget 1000 euro:
Audio Research 1-20
Electrocompanient ECD1
Benckmark Dac1

I'm like the big soundstage, with much air among struments.

Wait your preference?

Bel Canto Dac2. Around $700 used. I had one, it was pretty nice. But only ever so slightly better than my Rotel CDP-1072. I sold the Bel Canto.