After Cary 306 SACD Pro - which one?

Hello, I very much like the Cary 306 SACD Pro and don't intend to replace it. But, at some point of time, I will have to. Bearing in mind that the new cd player must be able to play SACD, which one would you recommend up to $12k?
Cheers and thank you
You need to have a goal. The 306 is a very good player. You really need to consider what you like about your current CD player, and then come up with improvements that you need to have. When you have a component that's as good as your Cary, its much easier to make a mistake when you upgrade.
Hi Zd542, thank you and your reply is clear. As you may know, Cary is no longer selling CD players such as the one I have. Therefore, I will have to pick another brand and I certainly want one which is capable of handling SACD very well. What other players we have that handle redbook and SACD very well up to $10k? I hope it is now a bit clearer...cheers