After Blackgates... which caps are best for Audio?

Blackgate caps are no longer being produced. Which caps should I seek for an Audio Note DAC upgrade?
Audionote kits is using the Elna Cerafine capacitors now and I am curious to hear a suggestion for even better sound, if at all possible.
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Michael Percy...
...sells Nichicons including audio-specific types. I installed the KG Super Throughs in my McCormack DNA-750 powersupplies.

I've not tried the ES series for coupling or PS apps in electronics.
I have heard good things about Dueland stuff...very good. Gryphon, Tidal Audio both use them in their equipment i have read.
what about about mundorf gold foil oil caps ?

are there any paper oil filled caps of note ?
The best, and unfortunately most expensive, are Duelund. The thing however is to use them judiciously depending on exactly where they appear in a circuit. A speaker designer I know uses them all the time but only at critical places such as in the signal path. At other places cheaper stuff like Erse or if you want to up it a bit Obligato will yield virtually the same result. If money is an issue Obligato bypassed by Duelund is very good.

For electrolytics Elna Silmic II are often mentioned to be the best in production. For film it is probably V-Cap CuTF or Duelund VSF, both extremely pricey, but as always it depends on what kind of sound you are seeking. I have not tried Duelund but CuTF have provided profound improvements for me as coupling caps and with that consideration proven to be a bargain.
... what about about mundorf gold foil oil caps

I use those (Mundorf Silver in Oil, Gold/Silver in Oil) in my Lamm Phono and in
the X-over from my Speakers. They have a very detailed high frequency area
combined with a noticeable transparency in the depth of Soundstage.
I also use V-caps, great, really, but some Datas are really very expensive and for
those I have the Mundorf. Both brands are very good quality, you can't go wrong
with them. Would buy them again.
I don`t believe Duelund is a "film" capacitor as mentioned above.To my understanding they`re pure metal foil and PIO(paper in oil) for the VSF and CAST versions. Not sure about their lower cost Alexander caps. The main obstacle to using Duelund is very high cost as Bhobba states above.I`ve yet to read of anyone disappointed with their performance after purchase.
Elna is pretty close to Blackgate. Have been vey impressed with the F&Ts. Have used Obliggatos Golds in place of electrolytics in crossovers
Where do you want to put them? Dac Board? Power Supply?