after a sale , how long am I obligated to fullfill the deal if not paid?

sorry If this is wrong section. I sold an first one here..and I am still waiting payment. I thought when I agreed to the sale price it mentioned a time frame that I was obligated to complete the sale. maybe I was half asleep. 

anyhow...I havnt been paid and I am not going to wait much longer ..what are my obligations  here? buyer told me he was paying this am and he hasnt contacted me or anything.  I did him earlier but I feel he is stringing me along and i need to move this item.
If buyer stays unresponsive by end of the day, I suggest you contact Audiogon support for a resolution.
Sounds like you got the shaft!!!

I would send the buyer a polite message. If you don't hear back from him in a day or 2 then contact Audiogon. Things happen in life so give him some slack.


Take a deep breath,...... emergencies happen, the wife catches wind of a purchase and gets her panties in a twist etc...... Give the buyer a chance to explain and give them a deadline to pay or your advise AudiogoN and leave negative feedback for this person along with public humiliation:>}
I was asking more than anything. I did send him a message to ask and he then sent me the money so it is all fine.

so from what has been said so far there is no time frame
I thought it was 2 days after agreement to buy.
I think a reasonable time is expected, say 2 to 3 days max., however I would contact immediately once the purchase is made. I also never insert the "Buy it Now" button in my ads, only use the "Make an Offer" button. That way the seller has more control and it doesn't remove the listing. If prompt payment is requested by the seller, one might put a due payment time frame in the text description of the ad.
Agree with dill. Next time say payment due within 48 hours.
When the check clears you deliver...not one second before.