Afro-Cuban Jazz

Having recently stumbled onto Afro-Cuban Jazz, I was wondering if anybody could recommend a couple of artistf of this genre.

I'm am looking for older stuff - read available on vinyl.

I Love Poncho Sanchez...saw him twice. Unfortunately, I think that only his older stuff was pressed on vinyl. Newer is CD only...Latin Spirits is great [CD only]
Adding on to some of the outstanding recordings already recommended:

Sabu Martinez: Sabu's Jazz Espagnole
Ray Barretto: Acid
Joe Cuba: Estamos Haciendo Algo Blen!
Batacumbele: In Concert at University of Puerto Rico
Francisco Aguabella: H20

These are a few of my absolute favorite afro-cuban jazz lps. I'm pretty sure that you can get the first three from someplace like I think the Batacumbele lp is long out of print but is well worth finding - sabroso! The Francisco Aguabella lp was available from CuBop records but I don't know if it is still in print. Good luck!
Agree with all of the above, and would add Machito.Sadly,in reference to Albert Porter's recommendation above,both "Patato" Valdes and Cecil Payne are in today's NYT Obituary section. The former is listed as "Patata."