Afraid of too much bass...

I will soon be moving into a smaller house, where my listening room will be 13 X 18. With a room that size, would I be better off with standmounters or full range speakers?
The reason I ask is because I sometimes think that with a room that small, full range speakers might provide too much bass. As I don't have lots of space for placement due to the size of that room, which is better?
Right now I have Focal JM Lab Chorus 816V, but I am looking to change them anyways in order to get something with richer mids, maybe a textile dome for smoother highs. My amp is presently Creek Evo, but I am very tempted by the Creek Destiny. CDP is Rega Apollo.

Main question: standmounters or full range, independently of the amp issue.

Thanks everyone for your input!

The new room is not small. I wouldn't worry about too much bass until I was able to setup the system and try various layouts to see what works best.
Gimme a break... Stop listening to opinions and listen to the music. You've been reading those "How big a room..." posts, haven't you? You could fit Grand Utopias in a room that size.
I agree with Onhwy61. Your room is not small and the 816V's, being 2-1/2 way floorstanders with a low point of 39hz, could turn out to be just the perfect set without a powered subwoofer for music. For HT, you may need to add a sub. I have B&W 2-1/2 way floorstanders in a room 13' x 23' x 8' with two uncloseable openings out and with my sub, they're absolutely perfect!! You know of course the bass ext produced has much to do with the CD being played. For example right now as I write this, I am playing Boney James' "Sweet Thing" CD. The sub is essentially turned off. There is so much bass in his CD's. Will you have carpeting and upholstered drapes and furniture in this room? They help with bass ext too.

Coincendentally I recently auditioned the Focal 816V's and I was extremely impressed. On par with my B&W's. I loved the mid's, detail, and soundstage they produced. Very impressed. So natural sounding with excellent balance. Why would you change them out? The highs were superb.
Hello. My room is 12 X 19, basically on a par with yours. My setup is a REL205 sub with a pair of Silverline SR15 monitors.
The REL can be easily "tuned" to integrate with the monitors, no problem there. One thing that did make a welcome addition was an ASC Sub Trap for the REL. Got it off the floor, decoupled the bass from the floor and put the sub on just a slightly lower horizontal axis from the monitors.
Really "locked" the room and presents excellent music quality at all listening levels.
I live in an apartment so I need to be careful of neighbors needs, but although I have substantial bass, it seems to have worked nicely!
Good luck with your choices and enjoy!
the room will be fine with your system
You have fine speakers with smooth highs. They are a bit finicky about placement in a room though. I would say try something other than creek amps first.
Thanks everyone!

So far, looks like I'll be allright. Yes, I know I should listen first, and I soon as I get there, in about a month. You see, my problem is trying to come up with solutions for problems that might or might not arise.

Pdn - Yes, my room will be carpetted, and there will be furniture, so that will surely help.

Rotarius - What might you see as a problem with Creek amps? I have read a lot of reviews (yes, I know I should listen, but I've got to start somewhere, as I can't listen to everything!), and those reviews have all been quite impressive.

Thanks again.

"You see, my problem is trying to come up with solutions for problems that might or might not arise."

No, your problem is worrying about things before you know if there is a problem. This is not life and death. Chill out, put your gear in the new room when you can, and then start the process of tuning the room to the gear and vice versa. Try to enjoy the process, don't let it own you...

Best Wishes,

RW - I guess I got caught!!! You're right, though. Listen first, then tune (if need be).