Afghan Whigs/ do to the beast LP

Category: Music

It's here! What a great lp for content. ...

This is Greg Dulli's first in years. If I knew about him years earlier, I may have become a different person.

This record is more accessible than his past effort. He hasn't forgotten his dark roots/his reason to be. Everything about the CONTENT is very, very good! It's the execution, the recording/mastering process that keeps this one out of the realm of Greatness!

Compression! Why?! This is what keeps this damn good effort from being excellent!

The vinyl is cut at 45 rpm. Normally this process will reap great rewards. This is because the wider grooves allow the stylus to track these wider grooves and produce an expanded dynamic record. Not!

What keeps this from happening is the compression introduced by the recording engineers.

This very good lp could have achieved Greatness by way of a compentant engineer with their "ear" on SONICS!

This could have been a Superior record. Instead, it's just a very good release by a band that really deserved much, much better!