Affordable US Made Tube Pre/Power or Integrated Options

I'm considering switching to tube amplification from solid state. I'm fine with separate pre/power or an integrated. I'll be driving Enzo XL's in a smallish room (17x14) and listening levels are almost always <90db so 30-40 watts should be more than enough. My budget is fairly modest, $2-3k all in. I don't need phono or more than 3 inputs but I would like remote for volume at minimum. Quality build and sound is a priority as is ease of support/repairs if needed. The one unique requirement is that my preference would be for US made if at all possible. Obviously, this limits the options quite a bit but I'd like to see if I can make it work. If not, I'm willing to look at other options.

Here's what I've found so far

Mapletree Line 2CRM, $800 (not US but close)
LTA MZ2- $1595

Power Amps:
Tubes4hifi ST70-35w, $1300
Audio by Van Alstine Ultravalve-35w?, $1599
Quicksilver Mid Mono-40w each, $1995/pair

Rogue Cronus- 100w, $2395
Any others?

I'm open to any other options you may know of. Also, if there's any insight or positive experiences with matching pre/power amp please share. I'm new to tubes so I have a lot to learn.

@mesch Aric looks interesting. The Transcend SE is w/in the budget and looks to be powerful enough with the right tube. Just sent them an email with a few questions.
@jtcf Any chance you might be "talked into" selling the Mid Monos?
Black Ice Audio, formally Jolida, has moved at least some of their manufacturing to the US.

Their vacuum tube integrated amps offer great sound, tremendous value and come with remote control.
Why does US-made have any bearing whatsoever?
Quality, reliability, customer service, pride in ownership, morality, ethics, self-sufficiency. That's all. 
PrimaLuna and many other Chinese made are sans pareil. Support is superb.

Tubes4HiFi, for one, are American made of crap Chinese parts and an utter joke wrt assembly. Support? meh.

A great many tube amp claims are as lunatic as cables: Lots of verbiage w/o any science.