Affordable TurnTable shoot-out.....

I'm looking at both the REGA Planar 25 and the Music Hall MMF-7.

Both seem to be outstanding tables, for the money.

Anyone that can offer comparisions, advice, or other tables NOT ABOVE $1200. would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to any & all responses.
Basis 1400 with Basis RB300 arm will certainly outperform REGA 25 and MMF-7 -- just aim for the right cartridge.
For under $1K, look at the Sumiko Perspective. Usually can be found new discounted down to $750-800. It has a good suspension, something many others in this price range often lack. As with all table/arm combos, the cartridge selection is important. Try to find a local dealer that will demo it with different cartridges in your price range or with your existing cartridge. I can tell you that it sounds great with a Sumiko Celebration Cartridge. But, that cartridge lists for $1500 alone. Usually, discounted to about $1200.
based on what i've heard, i will second the above comment. i've listened to the rega, music hall and basis and must say the basis beat both hands down.
the advice i've gotten is to mate the basis, now or in the future with a graham arm for spectacular results.
this is the road i've decided to take instead of purchasing the slightly less expensive rega or music hall sooner.

marakanetz, may i ask what cartridge you would rec for the basis 1400/rb300 combo?
also, will i be able to outfit a basis 1400 with a graham 2.0 after initially living with the rb300? what makes the basis rb300 different from the rega/ vta?

my apologies, if needed, for placing my own questions into this thread.
Fuji:..,It's the same RB300 arm as REGA just only made for Basis with Basis armboard and VTA. It's kind of cartridge-independed combo. I've listened to it with Benz Glider 2 and I can bet that cheaper cartridge(Dynavector 10 series) will also sound nice in there.
I'm not sure if you can switch to the Graham 2.0 arm but Graham 2.0 itself used is arround $1400?. In that case I think I would change table too to go for real upgrade.
VPI HW-19 Jr. The best for the money, also upgradeable
If you want belt drive, the Bro's got it right. The VPI will give you a path. As for me, you guys know I'm a DD advocate...and what I prefer.
used linn lp-12 with lingo $1200-1500.00
Starter Basis with Arm, and Benz Glider.

Easy Pick.

I am constantly being asked by people in their twenties who don't have much money if they can get into analog for $100
to $200 in the used market.These guys want to try analog but are afraid to spend much on the stuff. If any of you read this the cheapest way in is to find a good old early 70's Pioneer or similar table like the old PL41 they weigh about 30 lbs have a decent motor ok arm and don't react
badly to a cheaper Grado use them until your ready to get your first high end table then put it in your second system or give it to a friend and pass on the analog infection. I'm in the business and I sell the MMF and Rega tables but some of the old stuff you can get used is almost as good (for next to no money) then buy more records with the money you save. Remember its about the music not just the equipment.
the basis 1400 is better for classical and light jazz.the rega p-25 is a rock-n-roll type of table.