Affordable Streamer with great Internet Radio, Tidal, Android support?

My question is in the title. :)

I've seen some relatively inexpensive streamers but they are often iPad/iPhone only or I am really worried about ongoing product support / app updates.

Let me know how it goes!

I'm also thinking of going wiht something based on Volumio
Several options depending on your definition of affordable. I really enjoy my Cambridge CXN v2, and when it was tested feeding digital outs into a higher end DAC, it scaled up without issue. 
Elac Discovery Music Server.  Built-in Roon Essentials life time licence. Very nice device.  On clearance at best buy.  Does not do DSD or MQA.  But definitely worth it at the current sale price. Great sound. Build in DAC. 
I now have an android phone.  I have not found that the Bluesound OS works any better on Apple vs Android.  I have had problems with Bluesound in the past but none of them were related to the Operating System.
Bluesound is definitely a good option - I have found the app control to work really well, the black background is easy on the eyes and the app tells you what type of file you're looking at.  I've only used it on an Android device a couple of times but it seems to work just fine.

I couldn't go back to a a squeezebox interface at this point - BlueOS is a huge step up IMHO.
I don't mean to get into a debate over portable devices. All I meant was I have 4 Android devices here and zero Apple portables.
I second the Innuos ZenMini.  I own one and am VERY satisfied.  Supports iPeng, Roon (love Roon) as controller and Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify.  Built in disc burner.  Excellent SQ.  Recently came out with the MKIII.  I have seen MKII available and seem discounted to make way for MKIII.  
Another vote here for Bluesound. I've had it for a year now and am very satisfied with music quality and ease of use with the app.

I have the Pro-ject Stream Box S2 Ultra. 

It’s still in the box but I’ll jet you know when I get it going.  

I will try to install Volumio on my Raspberry Pi and connect it to my normal dac. I hope it can handle both Spotify and network files.
+1 for Bluesound Node 2....great unit for the price and works with Android like a charm.

I have one I am about to list for sale.  Went with a Lumin U1 mini.
So, I am new to the server world and purchased the BlueSound Nodi 2i based on recommendations.  So, the device is real slick but has no instructions and took a while to hook up. Now, my system is a little old school but it I just tried Amazon Music first and loved it. Okay, now after fussing with it for 30 days I have the following insight. This thing sounds great, but if your internet speed is where mine is which is between 4Mbps and 6Mbps.  You may have issues like me.  I keep getting "Connection Server Timed Out" messages that freeze the song every 5 to 15 minutes.  Now, according to Tony at BlueSound Tech support he claims all you need for Amazon streaming is 2Mbps? So, anyone out there have some insight?  I really think this maybe the best entry level streamer, but "if" you have limited internet like I do, you will not get all the benefits.  Any feedback would help.
I recently purchased the Bluesound Node 2i and have not had any issues with it to date.I primarily bought it to listen to Tidal since I have the premium plan and liked the fact that it plays MQA files.
Erik, do you need to have a laptop/tablet to operate a streamer, or as long as you have it hooked up wired or via wifi, it can be totally operated using a smart phone with android?

I think I wish they would come out with an updated Sonos streamer as it may be the most basic for a newbe.
To answer a couple of questions at once:
I'm using Logitech Media Server right now, and have a Squeezebox Touch in another room.
In my main room I'm using the server, via Raspberry Pi.

For my own music and Internet radio it's pretty good, but the Tidal integration is pretty crappy.
Let me clarify, the online Internet radio search has helped me find good stations around the world I enjoy, but now I am set in my ways and don't often use it.
The Tidal app is not dynamic, which may be a good thing. It's best if I use the web app to pick my favorite albums/artists before going to the Logitech interface.
Had the Bluesound Node 1 and 2 and Vault 1 --- now Aurender and no contest-- more money but done--
@wtj3 What did you like about the Aurender ?

It’s not just about picking a streamer for me, it is about an ecosystem. I’d like something I can play through the bedroom which is right now an SBT. OR ....
I run speaker cables into the bedroom and use my amp’s A/B switch.

And not cost me $3k a pop.
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