Affordable SS amp that has tube characteristics

I have been listening to tubes for a few years now but I do run 2 systems and I want one to be a higher powered SS system. I have a bad habit of turning the stereo on and leaveing it on all day and sometimes leaveing the house and not commeing home for hours and leaving the system on.
I listen to a wide array of music from soft female vocals to hard chargeing Rock and Roll. I do more of the mellow stuff though maybe 80% of the time.
My room is not that big,17X19 and my speakers are a little large for the room,Aerial 10T's. They are not going anywhere I love the way they sound and they are one of the few speakers that I have heard that sound just as good at very low volume as they do at higher volumes.
My current set up is an ARC VT 100 MKIII,ARC LS15 ARC CD3 and I use a Sonos for computer audio and PS Audio DLIII.
I also Have an ARC LS25MKII but I think the LS15 sounds better in this set up.
I have been wanting to use a SS amp here just because the time this system is on and in the summer the heat build up is so bad.
I hear class A mosfets is the way to go to get the tube sound but trying to find something affordable that is large enough to drive the Aerials is where the challenge lies. Yes I would love to have a large Pass Labs amp but they are not in the budget and neither is a Krell amp. I have been thinkng about a Belles amp but most are class AB and then I have to wonder if the Belles Ref 150 would be big enough to drive the Aerials or if I would need sometrhing like the ref 350.
Any have any suggestions on an amp that might fit the bill.
Plinius SA-102 or SA-250. Both have a toggle switch so you can choose to run in Class A or A/B. I left mine on 24/7 in class A/B, then flipped the toggle to class A when I wanted to listen to music.
I love tube amps but recently purchased Gilmore Raptor 500D monoblocks. These are 250w/8 ohms and 500w/4 ohms. $2500 for the pair. These amps are the best amps I have ever heard and if you didn't know you would think they were tubes. They are left on in standby all the time and generate no heat even when playing. Do not get turned off by the fact that these are switching amps. They use a large linear power supply and are heavily modified
I'm thinking the Belles 350A Reference would mate well with the warm tube sound your looking for with power to drive the 10T's. I have not heard any of your gear but I have a older Belles 150A Hot Rod that sounds wonderful. I'm a tube fan as well yet, have always wondered what a 150A Reference Belles would sound like in my modest system.