Affordable speaker cable or.....

So I'm thrilled with my current setup which I spent much effort in terms if time and extra $ to create. Prima Luna prologue 2, el34eh, mullard fronts, audioart ic3 inter., music hall cd25 with kimber pk14 PC, monster spkr cable onix reference 1's in BEM. Right now as I'm not earning much$; I couldn't ask for much more. I'm in love... Is there an affordable speaker cable that would blow this systems top "for me". Or any other upgrade ideas are greatly appreciated! I've finally realize why we spend the time on aquiring great gear. It's so worth it!
Hey iam in the same $ boat, i have a Mcintosh, Mc 2105, a Mc 2100, amps a C30 Mc preamp, with mobile fidelity spks, please look at ebay item #130507042921, if they are not what you need Steven will custom you a set any length with any ends let him know what you got and he will hook you up, i was using a nice set of silver tributaries costing 5 times more, his wires sound 10 times better out the box and they had a very short burn in time maybe 30 or 40 hrs, the fit and finish are of a speakerwire in the $500. + range, there truly a great sounding wire for the working guy, i paid less than $100. with shipping for a 9 ft. biwire pair. and it took like 3 days to get them Steven is really a great guy to do business with, very honest and highly recommended check his feedback, 2 thumbs up form a audiofile on a real budget.
I want to compliment you on the Primaluna, good choice. Sorry I can't advise on cable; however I suggest NOS RCA 12au7's for the Primaluna to compliment the Mullard's. The stock 12ax7's are very good as they are. Happy listening.
I use Kimber 8PR for my primaluna PL2. Sounds great and cost was low.

I like mullards and I use EL34's
Head to HomeDepot for their 12 gauge wire, you will never look back and your retirement fund will never be fatter.
Depends on what area you would want to improve. I do not mean physically choosing a part, i mean what part of the sound quality could make you happiest to be better? If none, then LEAVE IT ALONE.
Say mabe more bass.. or better soundstaging, or more PRAT.
Whatever that sort of area.. THEN find out what tweaks and things can improve that area.

Blanket ideas of 'what next' are usually just shots into the darkness, unless you know what you are aiming at.
I would put OPA627s on brown dog adaptors in the Music Hall. Pretty cost effective.
Good point Elizabeth! Its not like I'm looking for something wrong when I listen. I do not want to turn into one of those people. I love what I have and enjoy it very much. Just want to make sure I'm not missing anything. I think I will just keep enjoying what I have. Thanks everyone else for your input as well.