Affordable SET's with 211 or 300B tubes, (2000 dolllars maximum)

Hello to all,

Would like to receive recommendations of SET amps wiih 211 or 300B tubes, maximum 2000 dollars.

There's various options on this price range?

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I bought a real nice SET 45 from Will Vincent (autospec). I suggest contacting him. He could probably build you a similar amp using the 300B in place of the 45.
Thanks for the indication.

First, I also would like to know more what are the main differences in sound between a SET with 211 tubes vs 300B...

I'm sure that these are the tubes that at least will provide the power that I need, but I'm also wondering what are the difference between their sound signatures in general...?

Unfortunately 211/845 SET amplifiers are not cheap due to the transformers required. 
I see...

What about SET with 300B tubes, in parallel design? such a design is viable? will deliver more than 10W of power I presume...

If viable, I don't know..
PSE with a pair of 300B's will work. About 14 watts at 1+ per cent distortion.
PSE will have the advantage of lowering the output impedance by half. This is a GOOD thing!

I agree with testpilot. SETs are simple straight forward designs but to be successful  require high quality parts especially the output transformer. High quality transformers are not inexpensive. This point is amplified in regard to the 211/845 power amplifiers. 3
00b SETs can sound fabulous but need really good transformers and high quality power supplies. You can't go cheap in these 2 areas.


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you should consider other options other then SET unless you find a good used one. like others have said Transformers make or break SET. 
I'd look at Finale Audio (Triode labs) they may have a low powered push pull amp in your price range. Other then that I would steer clear of the Chinese SET's they tend to not have great parts and wont give you long lasting satisfaction (not in the price range your talking anyway). You may find something used. 

I'd not normally put my own add here but I feel this may be a good opportunity for a great SET close to your budget.

Build your own. Elekit TU-8600. See Victor at
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+1, charles1dad.

Contact Aric at Aric Audio, he can build you a very high quality 300B amp.
I love the Elekit referenced above. See the Stereophile review and the shootout in the review. 

I built the fully upgraded one with those amazing transformers.  
The Bottlehead Kaiju (300B’s) and Stereomour ll (2A3’s) are a bit below $2,000. As people mentioned, the Elekit TU-8600 looks really nice too and has received some great reviews.
Check out a used Line Magnetic 
I have SE GK71 /Russian big tubes/ with output power 2 x 20 W, for Your price..
Pre tubes Russian 6P15P. It sounds amazing with deep scene and details. It is in wooden box. Baltimore 21215.
Thanks for all the recommendations guys! really appreciated.

Would like to know more about japanese manufacturers, but not the major brands that also make ultra high end stuff like Air Tight, Wavac, Leben, Luxman, Phasemation and etc.. trying to find more independent builders.

Mostly because I can get better deal from Japanese made amps, due have a friend in there that can bring the amp, import tax via mail order is inviable where I live.

For reasonable prices Japanese tube amps I only know Triode Corp, Elekit, Softone, Sun Audio (a bit more expensive)...

Other suggestions?

IMO, brand amps are made with regular parts. DIY hand made unique amp - with Hi quality resistors, caps.....

Just got the new NobSound 300B SET monoblocks with JJ Tesla tubes, Japanese transformers, European capacitors and resistors (high quality ones) and American fittings/bindings. Checked the units carefully and they are well built with precisely the components NobSound describes. It's $1169 delivered by expedited UPS from Shenzhen, China (the skyscraper capital of the world).

Chinese amps are not favored on this site but I have been listening to it for a week now and it is very good. In particular, the 98db S/N ratio is better than most SET amps and the unit is dead black quiet. Give it a look see -- it is on Amazon, EBay, and Douk Audio.

Using Tekton Double Impact speakers, these monoblocks have enough power to blow you into another dimension. Have vetted them carefully with REW and frequency, distortion, and impulse response is all superb. Have reviewed them on the Amazon site. Will just pass along this information and not provide further responses as Chinese products bring out the kind of thread ugliness that I will be avoiding.

I don't agree that all Chinese made amplifiers are negatively viewed  on this site. Those that don't preform well or have reliability issues have been rightly called out. On the other hand those such as  for example Line Magnetic have received considerable praise on this forum. People are able to properly discern amongst various Chinese products.