Affordable Power Cords

Looking to replace the stock power cord on my Jolida 502A tube integrated amp and am considering purchasing Signal Cable's MagicPower power cord. But before I do so, I was wondering if other have had experience with this power cord and what their thoughts are about it? Also, would appreciate some suggestions on other affordable power cords ($50 - $100 range).

I've learned that any amplifier power cord should be at least 10 awg. I've used the Signal cable cord and it's ok but nothing special. It ultimately lacks in areas like refinement and smoothness. In your price range you could try an Element cable cord, they have a money back guarantee and good reputation. Check the forum archives for others. A used VH Audio Flavor 4 is great but is about $80- 85 over your budget.
I had the same experiences with Signal Cable as Foster_9. A friend and myself tested Signal and My Audio Cables(MAC)in 3 different systems in various components and MAC won everytime
Agree with both posts above.

IMO, in your budget, you will not find a power cord that will significantly improve your system's sound.

Spend your money on room treatments, or on installing dedicated AC lines.
There have been several threads about this topic, there are numerous suggestions. Others may disagree, but my experience has shown that quality connectors are really important, at least as important as the wire. This means that you aren't going to get much for $50-100 (retail for a preassembled cord) that is going to sound like a real upgrade. If you are willing to spend a bit more and spend a little time on a DIY cable, you can get a REAL bang for your buck. Cryo-Parts ACIII cable, Parts Connexion's DH Labs cable, and the Tunami are all good bulk DIY ac cables that you can turn into fine cords with Marinco or Furutech connectors. has lots of parts and instructions. If you have no interest in DIY, occasionally some DIY cables are sold here made from good wire and parts and are a good value (as long as they are correctly assembled!) Another good value are Shunyata cords that have the inection molded plugs (Diamondback and Venom.) Galen Carol Audio sells the Venom for $89.00. That's the one I'd be most willing to try (preassembled) at your price point.
The original Absolute PC was very nice tonally IME. It did little to nothing at lowering the the noise floor. There is now a Mk. II version that I haven't tried.
Another way to make even modest up-graded cables sound better is by adding a good receptacle, such as the ones Albert sells here on A'gon. They will make a difference, and providing you can install them yourself, there will be minimal impact to most budgets.
I also agree with other posters on Signal Cable. My findings were similar. For better refinement, especially on a budget power cable, you might want to try this company
They are a silver/copper hybrid, cryo-treated cable and are priced nicely. I believe $85(CDN) for five feet.
Decent pc at real earth prices can be found.
Consider the DIY route. See Parts Express for an easy to follow procedure (plus the necessary parts).
The most affordable is the one the factory provides.
Audioparts Inc is having a sale on this site on the Audio One Reference. I had ordered two previously to try on a pair of Stratos monos and am very pleased. I had tried Shunyata Snakebites, Zu Gede, and LAT International AC-2, and actualy preferred the stock PCs. Just my opinion, but I think the Audio One Reference is a good PC, period. Now, add in the $89.00 sale price and I am very happy (for a change).
Here you go(Bob Crump's power cord):

Do a search on's a very good cord. Used cryo'd cable & terminations for an additional step up. Easy to make & inexpensive.

Appreciate everyone suggestions. Looks like I'll go with either the:

1. Element
2. Audio One Reference
3. Shunyata Vemon

Also, I think I'll upgrade the wall receptacle that the amp plugs into. My brother-in-law is a licensed journeyman electrician, so I believe an invite to dinner should get that work done.

Once again, thanks.
Appreciate everyone suggestions. Looks like I'll go with either the:

1. Element
2. Audio One Reference
3. Shunyata Vemon
4. Ultimate Silver Series

Also, I think I'll upgrade the wall receptacle that the amp plugs into. My brother-in-law is a licensed journeyman electrician, so I believe an invite to dinner should get that work done.

Once again, thanks.
Morrow Audio is another good option
I don't claim to have a lot of experience with power cords, but i thought i would mention that synergistic research ac master couplers work very good in my system. They just seem to get out of the way and let the music flow. They may be a bit above your limit but not outrageously so.
Audio Art Cable power cord - wattgate plugged version $105 1m - best one I've found so far in the $100 +/- range
How about I give you a free Power Three!? If you will be kind enough to pay just for shipping it, that should fit a tight budget just fine. Enjoy!
Send me your shipping info.
In fact that goes for all of you if you have posted ahead of me, you are in.
Rick schultz
Virtual Dynamics
I am in. How much is shipping?
Where are the neon lights and dancing girls announcing The Ultimate Schlep?

I thought Oracle had no shame.
Where are the neon lights and dancing girls announcing The Ultimate Schlep?

I thought Oracle had no shame.

Thanks Rick for the free Power 3 power cord. I got it last night....WOW! I really like the Power 3. I'm impressed. Right out of the box on my power regenerator it showed a big soundstage, nice localizing and separation of instruments, nice clear midrange and treble. It will be interesting to see how it's sounds in a few days of burn in. I will also try it on my preamp. Thanks for sparking my interest in your cables. It's look, feel and construction is also very nice.
i would look for some used virtual dynamic power cords.
Cleaneduphippy, I hope you were able to get a free power cord from Virtual Dynamics for your integrated amp. Let us know and what do you think. Thanks!
You are welcome Joeyboynj, we hope you enjoy the results and thanks for sharing your feedback! Keep us posted.
"Cleaneduphippy, I hope you were able to get a free power cord from Virtual Dynamics for your integrated amp. Let us know and what do you think. Thanks!"

Not yet, still waiting to hear back from Virtual Dynamics staff about what US shipping charges will be (I know it's $33CAN) and to give them my mailing address.

Rick, promised me one back on Nov 9 in the following email

" Shipping is 33.00 Candian.
I will send you a link on the cable
You can also read about the giveaway here: https://
No need to enter as I have already promised you one but just for your info.
Enjoy it! My staff will contact you.

Still haven't heard from Virtual Dynamics staff, and I've also send Rick a couple of emails (the latest being this morning), but as of yet, haven't heard anything back from him either.

So, guess I'll have to wait and see what happens, as I think I've done as much as I can do on my end.
Just heard from Rick, apparently a minor communation problem, easily solved. Anyway, cables should be on their way shortly.
How's that VD Power 3 cord working out for you? I had one of the first Power 3 cables that Rick made back in early 2002. I just got in one of these newer generation Power 3 cords and after 50 hours of break-in, I am very impressed. I have it on my vintage Pilot 402 receiver in my bedroom system and it sounds better than anything I've tried on this unit before, including some very expensive name brands.
I got mine from Rick. Thank you very much.

It has some fantastic bass and is very smooth. The dynamics are not the best right now but I guess it needs some breaking in. Does the Power 3 really open up? How long does it require for break-in?
Break-in will probably be anywhere from 150-250 hours. This is just an educated guess based on my personal experience with numerous power cords with adequate dielectric. The dynamics, midrange openness and high-end extension are usually the last things to flesh out. Most power cords go through a one step forward, two steps backward roller coaster ride during their break-in. Also, take note that the Power 3 is a 12-gauge conductor cord. Some power components( i.e. conditioner, amp, etc., which require high current) might prefer a larger conductor cord. Once your Power 3 is broken in, experiment with it on a lower current component like your Cd player, tuner, etc.
Thank you Sherod.
The literature that came with my power 3 said it was a 14-gauge solid core THHN copper.
Sorry, my mistake. The Power 3 is a 14 gauge( actually smaller than the 12 gauge I previously stated) solid copper conductor.
PS Audio Power Punch $49.95 for 1 meter.

I replaced with these in key places in my main system (preamp, phono stage, CD player) and what an improvement in soundstage and bass.
I believe you'll find MAC (My Audio Cables) a real killer, not only for the money, but - because they are. Check the Reviews/Comments page on the MAC website.
Received the Virtual Dynamic Power 3 cord the other day (thanks Rick), very impressive cord. Hooking it up was a bit of pain, as it's plug to the amp (Jolida 502A) seem to fit very loose, and combined with the weight of cord itself it had a hard time staying in place until I placed some support just in front of that connection, also the cord itself is somewhat stiff and doesn't really offer a great deal of flexibility. Anyway, finally got everything into place and powered up my amp, and after the tubes had warmed up for about thirty minutes I played three CDs at random just to get an idea of what the cord sounded like. First of all, very impressed, especially since this was my first experiences of hearing the difference between a good aftermarket cord and my stock cord. Just out of the box, first impression was quieter background, bass was more solid, soundstage seem to expand, and musical details were much better. It was almost like my amp had gotten a modification. I can only imagine how much better the music will sound once the cord has had the time to burn in get fully broken in. Which at 150-200 hours will take me a couple of months to achieve (winter evenings, with a fire in the fireplace, listening to music).

Of course, I going to have to wait a few days to get back breaking in the Power 3 cord has I have to get another fuse holder for my amp. I ran my initial test with the Power 3 cord on Thurs night. On Fri when I turned on the amp, nothing happened, so assuming that I must have blowned a fuse as the cord connection itself seem OK, I check the fuse (it was OK) but for some reason the fuse holder itself wasn't making a tight connection (a situation which I found out by pushing inward on the fuse holder, that I would get power to the amp). Anyway, made a quick phone call to Michael Allen of Jolida, and a new fuse holder has been place in the mail, so hopefully, I'll be receiving it by Tues or Wed and I can resume breaking in the Power 3 cord.
Btw, just noticed that Virtual Dynamics is having a 50% off sale on the Power Three until 12/21/07. Normally $305, now $152.50.

btw, I have no connection to Virtual Dynamics other than owning a Power Three power cord.
I won a Power-3 cord from Virtual Dynamics too.

Since then..I've bought two Nite power cords and one David power cord.

VD power cords makes a hell of a difference in my system, more than any other power cords that I've tried (Synergistic Acoutic, Shunyata, VH Audio, Kimber, Audioquest, BlackSand)

I'm not suggesting that VD power cords is for everyone..but for $152 you can try their Power-3 to get a feel of what they can do.. seems to be a no-brainer:)
Hey Viper, Where did you install the new Virtual Dynamic cords and wehat improvements have you heard?

I also recieved a Power 3. I use it on my LCD monitor. Many inprovements. The colors and images pop of the screen and really cleaned up the audio. Every word spoken and sound is very clear and separate.
I received one gratis as well, mine's cooking on my fridge right now. I intend on using it on my transport when it's ready. Any thoughts on how long it should stay there?

Thanks Rick.
Well, got the "fuse holder" from Jolida, and of course, it wasn't the same as the old one (actually it was better with a metal screw top), so figured I would see how much it would cost get it put in. Quote was $75 a hour for labor. Which is way to much for just replacing a fuse holder. But at the same time I figured since my amp is 10 years old it might be a good time to upgrade/replace the caps and resistors, since the tech would be "under the hood", anyway. Well $231 and a week later, the amp is back in the system along with Virtual Dynamic Power 3 cord. Listened to some music last night, and what I heard was pretty much what I said earlier but with the amp itself sounding much better (surprising what a "tune up" will do).

I think my system is getting to sound as good as it's going to get (which is quite good to my ears, and I'm looking forward to hearing what it'll sound like after everything gets "burned in"), to get better (and not just different) I would probably have to invest into a higher level of components/speakers.
Thanks guys for the feed back.
Next ten to post on this thread can get a Power Three for Christmas, sounds like fun I think. Shipping included this time. Christmas spirit I guess!!!!!!!!
Ah make it twenty... post first and only one per customer. If you like it tell others, if you don't tell that as well just be honest, that will make it more fun for everyone.
I will watch the thread and send to the next twenty posts asking to try it, one catch only available to Audiogon members who have pervious thread postings or sales (history) on Audiogon.
I received mine about 2 weeks ago. I was told that making one with Schukko mains plug (euro spec) for me may take up to 4 weeks, but eventually, it took VD only one week to build one.

I'm switching back and forth with both AQ NRG-5 (650$) and Shunyata Anaconda Helix Alpha (2000$) on both EMM DCC2 se and EMM CDSD se (my ARC amps have 20A IEC inputs), and so far so good.

I've been VERY impressed by how much performance can be squeezzed from a 300$ PC ! In fact, the whole last week I have been using the Power 3 as a PC of choice.

For $300, not to mention $150 on sale right now, it is a no brainer to me !
I just ordered two Power 3s last night. Will you send me a free one with my order ... pleeeeease. :)
Hi Draudio/Rick,

I'd like a Power Three for Christmas.

Thanks Rick- I can't wait!!!
Hey Rick, Sign me up!
Hi rick, I would be vey happy to recieve a Power three for christmas. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
Well, Cleaneduphippy. I'm glad to see that you have your system up and running. Let us know how the cord sounds after a few weeks of break in. Happy Holidays.
I have a gut wire g clef that I purchased for around $100..sounds great if your not happy with your current chord.
I'm always interested in a little experimentation and would be interested in trying one.

I haven't yet had the opportunity to hear any of the Virtual Dynamics power cords so I am more than willing to take you up on your offer. Thanks!