affordable long run IC

i'm looking for a long run IC (2.5-3 meters) between my soon to arrive JRDG 201 amps to my Lector zoe tube pre. budget should not exceed $250. any suggestions ?
Icorem, while I am very happy with AudioQuest Sky running from my JRDG Capri pre to my JRDG 312, I have heard several times the more moderately priced Analysis Plus ICs on JRDG equipment and they tend to work very well. Will you be running XLRs?

If you are running balanced, Mogami Mic cables might be the way to go.
The Mogami is a good suggestion. I have used 30 foot runs in the past between an Atma-Sphere preamp and Atma-Sphere amp. Ralph Karsten, owner of Atma-Sphere, recommends the Mogami.

Sometimes you can find some nice deals on longer lengths of balanced ICs in the classified listings.
thanks to all so far.
I'll be running unbalanced since my pre is only unbalanced.
Icorem, the 201s are likely to yield more desirable results in a fully balanced system. . . just in case you eventually tried out a balanced pre, you can buy XLR ICs and use XLR2RCA converters at the pre side for the time being.
Depending on the impedance match between the Zoe and JRDG 201,something like the BUF-101 from Space Tech Labs may be of benefit. In the case of a relatively high preamp output impedance, it'll both lower the input impedance the JRDG "sees", AND convert the Zoe's single ended output to balanced. Signal transmission over 3 meters will be no issue for any balanced cables. FWIW, I own the BUF-101 and it doesn't impart a sonic signature I can detect. The three tubes are cheap to replace and, in this use, should last a long time. I am also an owner of a Lector cd transport and admire the engineering and performance.

output impedance of the Lector zoe is 250 ohm while input impedance of the JRDG 201 is 40 Kohm. in terms of the 1 to 10 ratio i'm ok.
any additional thoughts or recommendations ?
I'm running a six-meter run of Morrow Audio MA3 unbalanced interconnects in my SET audio system, and the sound is excellent. Mike's cables are very affordable in longer lengths, especially when you manage to catch one of his sales where he offers a discount on the length and termination options in addition to the base price of the cables.

If you can't catch the MA3 cables at a price that works for you, you might consider the Morrow MA2 interconnects, which I previously used in my SET system prior to Mike's introduction of his 3-series line of cables last year. The MA2 cables are excellent for the money, but the MA3s are noticeably better and worth the upcharge (IMO).
Cincy bob,

Are the MA3s shielded? Soon I will need a 3m single-ended run of ICs and I'm looking at the MA3s as a possibility.

I believe the Morrow MA3s are unshielded cables. However, I believe Mike makes a shielded cable as well, and it may be possible for him to install a shield around his MA3 design.

Based on previous discussions with Mike, I know he believes that shielding generally degrades the sound quality of a cable. I believe he uses a twist/geometry for the individual conductors comprising his unshielded cables to reject EMI/RFI. In my SET system where I am using a long (6-meter) pair of MA3 interconnects between the TVCs and 300B monoblocks, I have been lucky in that there is no noise whatsoever introduced by the use of unshielded cables throughout the system. (YMMV, I suppose.)
Thanks Cincy bob!
In what type of application is shielding necessary? I have read that shielding does degrade performance, but I'm afraid I may need it.

BTW -- NICE system!
Thanks, Musiclover.

I'm no expert on EMI/RFI. However, my general understanding is that the longer a run of unshielded interconnects gets the more likely it is you will pick up noise. At 3m, there is a good chance you would be able to get away with unshielded cables without introducing any problems. As I mentioned above, I am running a 6m pair of Morrow MA3s with absolutely no noise pickup.

My suggestion is that you call Mike Morrow to talk with him about his shielded and unshielded options and to get his recommendation for your application. You can always try Mike's cables at no risk for a 60-day audition and return them for a full refund if you encounter problems.

Morrow Audio Cables
Hi! Not to get away from your question but Im thinking about buying a ZOE. I just bought a Lector cdp 0.6 and was woundering how you like the ZOE, and is it all that??
thanks, Karl
I think, the wire from "Signal Cable" is a very interesting choice.