Affordable intergrated with phono

I am looking for an affordable intergrated with phono far the Rega Brio comes to mind as an option...but are there better used options? I looked at an Arcam Delta 290...but the phono would be budget is around 3-$500...and have heard as far as used products go...although there are no guarantees...amps are a safe option...thanks for responding..also..a local hi end dealer swears by the NAD 3155 as a budget option...anybody familiar with this piece?
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Maybe a used Audiolab integrated?? I think that company died, so their units were selling used & demo for decent prices. You might also check into used integrateds or receivers (from the 80s or 90s) from companies like McIntosh, Luxman, Revox, etc. You could also pick up a used receiver from the late 70s or early 80s for less than $300 (Yamaha, Pioneer, Luxman, Revox, Tandberg, Onkyo, McIntosh, etc). Good luck.
Owned the Brio and it is nice for a new piece of gear at the price point. Phono sections in older Luxman gear are clearly superior. L-450 integrated, R-1070, R-1120. Tandberg also had nice sounding stuff, although reliability issues with some models.

A great reference for these kinds of things is Audio Specialties in Portland, OR. 503 257 3206. Doug Siegel deals mostly in quality used gear and is also a very good tech.
If you already have an amp you like but no phono, you could add a budget phono. I recommend the Rotel RQ-970BX. Great sounding little box has fixed MM/MC retails for only $200, much better than you will find in (most?) budget amps.
Luxman L-235 or L-225...anybody familiar with these intergrated amps? Year,Price,Reliability,etc....