Affordable interconnect for warm system

I'm looking for suggestions for an interconnect to balance out a somewhat warm/dark system: JoLida 302B RC integrated, Silverline 17.5 monitors and Opera Consonance 120 Linear CD player. Would like a bit more high-end.I replaced AudioArt IC3 with Guerilla Audio Silver and that took me part of the way there. Any other ideas? Thanks!
Why not try the Audio Art IC-3SE?

Or, perhaps a tube change might work better.
MIT Terminator 2 or 4.
If you don't mind spending less money, I would suggest trying the Morrow Audio MA2 interconnects. Very clear, dynamic, with excellent bass and quite musical. With their moneyback offer, you don't stand to lose anything. No affiliation, just a satisfied customer. Dave
Nordost Blue Heaven.
Audioquest Cheetah
bid on Audio Metallury GA3
KCI Firefly
In one of my systems, the use of
Auricle Audio Design analog IC's from Audiogon member-manufacturer Joemazzaglia
has evolved the sound away from "warm/dark" to sunlit, musical, and emotionally involving, highlighted by recovery of every recording detail.
Could be the ultimate price/performance champion.
His digital IC is also charitably priced while audibly blessing each of my systems having a separate CD transport and DAC. where Gregg Straley's IC's are on display also provides this kind of revelation that CD's and records really contain a lot more energy and life than one is accustomed to hearing with other companies.
Homegrown Audio silver lace

Concur with the Nordost.
Try Speltz Anti Cables or My Audio Cables (MAC)
Both have a minimalist design that deliver great detail but ended up being bright in my system. Both are inexpensive.
AT $350, the KCI Firefly pushes the limits of what can be considered affordable for a 1m set of wire, but man, I tell you, that thing will breathe new life into any system you throw it in. I second Arthurs suggestion.
I second anticables. They have a silver w/silver Eichmanns that's not listed on the site. It's his topline. But even the basic @ 100 is great.

KCI firefly for a low cost alternative ..highly recommended
TVAD, I tried the IC3-SE first.
Thanks to all; I'm sorry that work and grad school have kept me from responding sooner. I do appreciate your suggestions!
i think the signal cable silver is a very good . Would like to hear the kci some day.....
I really like the BPT IC-SL interconnect. Clear but not edgy/bright. Nice review at 6 moons.