Affordable HD storing/playback server 4 blu discs

What are my options - if any - for being able to copy my Bluray disc collection (and Netflix rentals???) to a media hard drive storage server? Can any of the Kaleidascape units copy, playback and store - bit for bit - my discs, without the disc having to be present after it's stored? I'd like to plan for the future, when there aren't any bludisc players, period,and be able to sell off my disc collection. Can HT PC's do anyting like this, and playback bit for bit of the original?
I'd of course like the most cost effective route, but would explore all the possibilities? Or am I resigned to having to keep my bluray discs to get the original quality and HD audio/video on the source?
I do this via my desktop computer, network & my Oppo 105.
I ripped my Blue Ray and DVD collections with the program MakeMKV.
The only issue I had was to make sure the Oppo & the computer were connected to the router with no switches in between. I store the BR on the main computers internal Intell RT3WB080 Raid card setup as Raid10 for 11TB. The DVD's are on a Medeasonic Raid enclosure setup as Raid10 also and connected to the computer via USB3. You will need lots of space, I have 670 movies with 6Tb used. All movies are 1080P and audio is all available types in English only to save space.
I really like DVDFab - it works very well and has a nice, intuitive interface:

Interesting. So how would the audio part work, exactly? And can the MakeMKV or DVDFab programs also accurately record and store the Dolby HD and DTS Master audio on the discs? - So that, specifically, my AV processor will be able to recognize those formats as such,...and not some down converted PCM 16/44 data? And, can you only record one specific type of audio format when you rip em? That would be important to know.
Also, how about all the special features or options on the original discs? Would they make it onto the rip?
try checking out a program called AppGeeker Blu-ray Ripper. The newer versions allow ripping from blu-ray as well as DVD discs. the program gives you options to alter audio bitrates/codecs and the same with video. It also lets you determine file size, which for a 1 stop solution, is kind of nice.

You can rip the Blu-ray and extract the content to lossless MKV file, or to any other file format on your hard drive.
MakeMKV will show you all available languages & audio formats, including DDhd & DTS master if they are available. You choose what you want to save to HDD. All special features or options on the original disk are in the disk menu for you to pick from or check all items to copy everything.
It only copies DVD & Blue Ray. MakeMKV does not copy CD, DVDA or SACD.
BTW Rental disks are known not to have all audio options, special features or options available as on movies you purchase.