Affordable digital front end cable

I know this is a tough subject so I’d like to state at the beginning that  I’m in the “AC cables make a difference “ camp. My question is has anyone out there found a $500.00 or less AC cable that they felt really improved they’re digital front end more  specifically a Aurender A100 , I feel a consensus coming on tonight,thanks in advance.


My recommendation would be to try this cable, you’re unlikely to find a consensus on power cords here. IME, pick 2-3 cable brands based on the user feedback, compare and keep the one you prefer in your system.



I have an Aurender N100 on my headphone system. I have a WireWorld silver streak at the moment. I have a number of DH Labs PCs. I really like DH Labs for budget cords. I’ll swap a hew tomorrow and see if something stands out. 

‘’Typically for a streamer you would use one specially designed to be shielded as high current is not a priority. 

I use a Kimber Silver cable that retails for about $450 for a meter. Like it.

If you want to see how good a dirt cheap cable can get, try Gotham Cables digital cable. For $25. It’s amazing. I use one to stream from my Blue Sound Node.