Affordable cables

hi all, im looking for some good affordable speaker cables for under $100. any recommendations?
The Phoenix Gold line is a nice buy. You can also check out Sound Quest (their interconnects are very neutral and inexpensive but I am not 100% sure they sell speaker wire though). If you want to splurge, check out a used Stealth Premier at about $250.
Check out the Goertz Alpha core M series..
Definately can get for around a hundred. I use these with my analog setup and they sound fantastic!!
Goertz is a fine recommendation. You could also consider Nordost Solar Wind or Audioquest Type 4+. Kimber 8tc, and DH labs Silver Sonic T14 also. Someone here had a LAT International pair for sale a few days ago, might check that out as well. $100 actually gives you many solid options.
If you want to take a REAL step up and can spring $120 for 1 meter ICs, try Mapleshade's new Clearview Ultrathins. Caveat: they're fragile and don't take kindly to children and rambunctious pets. But they're extraordinarily good for the money.
I think the best buy is the analysis plus entry line (I think its called 'the one')
Nothing beter under 100 that some of the stuff at