Affordable amp suggestions to go with DALI-Zensor 1 speakers

I’m looking for a decent amp in the $100 +/- range to power some DALI- ZENSOr 1’s. I currently have a Cambridge – Azur 551P pre-amp that I’m pairing with a tube amp my friend is letting me borrow for the time being. Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated.


I can heartily recommend the yamaha m4 in that price range. This (semi) vintage amp sounds better than it has a right to in this price category. It looks like run of the mill, black box garbage, but sounds anything but, so don't be deceived by this book's cover.

damn, how big is that thing? 
on second thought, I might need to push my budget up to around $200.
There is a Cambridge audio 650A (50wpc) for sale on here on  AG. At sellers asking price would cost ~$180 including shipping. Due to feedback issue (lack of) you might want to use the hidden message system to provide phone number to talk with seller. 

Another option, there is a Pioneer Elite A20 (35wpc) with asking price of $180 including shipping. This is a newer unit than the 650A, not as robust. Seller has more feedback. The A20 has a phono stage for MM. These retail at ~$270 and are a go to unit for one under that budget. I own a elite A35r which was the predecessor to the A20 (with little change) and it drove my B&W 685s.

I have been following your other thread and understand your budget and think either of these units would work for you. Oh yes, both come with remote. Much more info on either unit on line. 
I ran my Zensor 1 with Onkyo A-9555 integrated, which I highly recommend, so if you sell the preamp, it is affordable...
Brother have I GOT the amp for you!!!
RUN to Ebay NOW,search Maverick Audio A1...They are on Sale RIGHT NOW for $179.00!!!
I PROMISE you will LOVE the sound it makes with the Zensor’s & outperform ANYTHING you can buy at your budget range!Add to that the fact that it has a KICK ASS headphone circuit BUILT IN & you can "roll"the tubes with any vintage 6AK5’s you won’t get bored in the future.It also has enough power to push any speakers you might upgrade to down the road,the power supply being of such good quality that it "doubles down"going from 20wpc.@8 ohms to 40wpc.into 4 ohms!
Give the Z1’s around 200 hours before they really open up & enjoy!:
 PS:How are you liking the Jolida with them?