AFFORDABLE 20 amp power cord for a Hydra? it just me or do you get ticked at the thought of spending half as much on a power cord as you do on a component? I'm looking for a reasonably price 20 amp cord for a Hydra 4. Any clues/hot tips are sincerely appreciated!
The cord used will yield the best performance.
Check out DCCA Powerwave PC and also VH Audio Flavor 4 PC. Both are sold here used often for a great price.
I have an Audience cord on my Hydra 6. It's a great cord for the money and it works well with the Shunyata stuff. Jtinn recommended it and he's a straight shooter.

Half as much on the power cord as the component???
Gulp.....I'll admit that I've spent more on the cord than the component......but I just may be least that's what my wife tells me.....

FWIW, good inexpensive reco's from Joeyboynj, I would also add any older BMI Whale Elite. Finding the 20A IEC will be more of a challenge, though you could cheat and buy a 15A>20A adapter from Voodoo.

Thank you all. In a panic I did order a cheater adapter from Voodoo Cable. And, I do have a Audience chord (15A) I can try. I'm thinking of trying a Virtual Dynamics Nite I (15A) with the first thought. I could sacrifice my...uhhh...wallet in the name of science and compare those combinations against a stock Shunyata. Are there any grants out there for such an experiment?
I own the 15A>20A adapter from Voodoo. I do like it however I noticed that it tends to color the sound. Be aware of that characteristic.
The cord from the wall to your Hydra will give you the most signature so choose carefully. The Shunyata Helix cords will set the soundstage back some or more middle row and the non-helix cords are more front row. At least that is what I experienced.
I second Larry's (Lak) statement. I also own two Voodoo 15A>20A adapters, and I find that they tend to 'smear' the sound a bit. Still a useful tool for judging cords, but once I found one that I like I would get the appropriate plug and not use the adapter for long term listening.

Lak & Jmcgrogan2, please explain more of how the Voodoo adaptor color's the sound. I just bought one as well. I read other reviews that is does not change the sound.

How would I know if it changes the sound if I dont have both version of the power cable in 15amp and 20amp to be able to make that conclusion?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Obviously there are a couple of ways to do this. I found the most definitive to be using the same cord, one with a 15A IEC through the adapter and one with a 20A IEC. Now as I said earlier, it is a useful tool, as it did give me some insight into power cord differences, however, when I decided on the cord I wanted and ordered it with a 20A IEC, I was able to compare the same cord with 20A and 15A IEC's. Another way would be to use the 15A cord on other components with 15A IEC connections to get a good feel for the cord's sound, then use the adapter to run it through the 20A IEC. This is a bit more difficult, but is what led me to order the cord I liked with a 20A IEC. It gave me suspicions that the adapter was altering the sound.

In general, I found there to be a slight hardening of the sound, akin to a glassy-ness (is that a word?) in the upper midrange using the adapter, as well as a small, but noticeable, loss of resolution. This is what I was reffering to as the 'smear', a sort of softening of the note attack if you will.

All that being said, I am not bashing Voodoo products, and I still own two of these adapters (you'll never know when you'll want to try them). I also own a Voodoo 15A>Nema adapter so I can try other cords on my Hydra. FWIW, I don't find them anymore offensive than other adapters, like RCA>XLR adapters. My point was just that they are great tools for experimenting and trying different cords, and that's how I feel they should be used. Not as permenant staples in a system. Of course as with all things audio, YMMV.

I agree with John’s thoughts and statements. I would have never known there was a slight difference in sonics when using my Voodoo adapter (which I still own and use on an as needed basis) if not for eventually having one PC in the 20 amp version vs. the identical 15 amp PC using the 20 amp adaptor.
I have heard a bigger difference (which I didn’t care for at all) using RCA>XLR adapters. One must remember that each system and geographic location can effect all equipment differently.
Addendum to 1/8/2008, 7:37 AM, and 3:43 PM.

The VooDoo adapters are cryoed, therefore there is a long break in required, which might cause music to sound smeared or not right. That could be because the adapter isn't fully broken in. After many years of use, and 100 hours of break in, I believe my VooDoo adapters are not experiencing any loss of sound quality.
I have heard of a long break in period, but after 9 years it probably is ready. ;)
So true acman3 ;-)!
That's why I invested in a Audiodharma Cable Cooker.
I thought I'd update from 2008 because I was recently contacted by an Audiogon member asking for clarification and I realized my thoughts had changed. Hard to remember posts for 2008! LOL...