Aethetix Calypso or CJ Prem 17LS2

I am looking for feedback from anyone who has any exposure to these two fine all-tube linstages. The Aethetix retails for $4500 and the CJ retails at $5000. It is my understanding that the newest CJ surpasses the performance of the discontinued Premier 16.
Hi, I've listened to both in my system and the Aesthetix is by far the most neutral. If you want the "CJ sound" then you should go for that one. If you want a neutral pass through for your source components get the Aesthetix.
The 16lsII is more detailed and a better sounding unit than the 17lsII. At the prices that current 16lsII are going for I would jump on one. Remember the 16lsII retailed for $8350 and has 6 signal tubes in its circuitry the 17 lsII has 4 and is not as detailed in its presentation in my opinion. CJs customer support and reliability os second to none and are probably going to be around for the long haul. I have no opinion on the other unit you mentioned.