Aesthetix vs. Allnic vs. ARC ph7

I currently use a BMC MCCI mc only phonostage. Looking for a mc/mm unit with a budget of around $3k new or used.
Table is a restored Garrard 301 with Ortofon rs-309d arm/Ortofon silver meister cart + Fidelity Research fr24 arm/Lyra Delos cart.
The names which I have currrently :
Aesthetix Rhea
Allnic 1201
Audio Research PH7

Anyone comapred directly all or two of them and can comment ?
Any other name that I should consider ?
Thanks in advance to all repliers.
I own the ARC PH7 and it sounds great.

I have not heard the others but I am happy with The ARC.
+1 on the Allnic, very close to its big brother the H3000.
I own the Herron and have owned the Rhea at the same time. I saw what I thought was a good deal and bought the Rhea out of curiosity. It took while to figure what tubes to put in it to get it to be transparent which it wasn’t with stock tubes. I found that the 6DJ8 was the key tube to obtain the voicing I was looking for with a Telefunken being the preferred tube. For the other tubes (v1-v4), I found two different combinations that worked well. The first is all Telefunken and the second is vintage EI’s in v1&v2 with GE black plate 5751’s in v3& v4. I liked what I heard enough to buy an Aesthetix IO. I sold off the Rhea once I had the IO but regret doing so. The Herron sits idle these days.
I also recommend the Herron; excellent piece indeed. I use NOS Tele's in all positions and they made a significant improvement in the transparency and detail of the unit.

Sbrown, what tubes do you use in your Io?