Aesthetix stellar customer service

I wanted to share a great customer service experience. I have enjoyed my Aesthetix Calypso pre amp for 5-6 years. The remote control stopped working last week. I e-mailed Aesthetix, told them the remote wasn't working and what I had done to try to get it to work. I got an e-mail back from Glenn in about an hour asking for the serial number and my address. I sent the requested info back and received another e-mail from Glenn stating that they would send me a new remote at no charge. It made my day, Thank you Aesthetix.
So did Oppo.....that's not that unusual.
They deserve a big thumbs up, its nice dealing with a company which value their customers.
I have had to send my Callisto pre-amp to Aesthetix twice for repairs. They have excellent customer service, are fast and friendly, I highly recommend them.
Glenn is a great guy, I miss speaking with him on the phone. I always look for him at audio shows assuming he might accompany Jim White.

Good to hear they are taking care of business as usual, a great company for sure.
More kudos for Aesthetix & Glenn. Absolutely great customer service. Dealing with Glenn is like having your best friend in customer service.
Another rave for Glenn and Aesthetix.
The remote is shared between the Calypso and Rhea ...

I had a Calypso but I had pressed the Rhea button many times and thought that the remote was broken by mistake.

Agree. Aesthetix is a great company.
I dealt with Jim White when I took my Rhea phono stage in for a circuit update/minor mod some years back. It took a little bit of effort to get ahold of him, but once I did Jim was really, really terrific. I dropped my unit off in North Hollywood and he had it up and ready inside of a week. When I returned to retrieve it, Jim even took me thru a brief audition of the prototype Atlas amp he was working on at the time.

Just a class act in every way... so I'm not surprised that the OP had a good experience.

I've had similar favorable experiences with Jim & Glenn. Great service and great products. I regretted selling my Calypso so much that I purchased another one, but stepped up to the Signature edition.
Yes, very good people, and I agree a great company!
Great people doing excellent work! Jim and Glenn are top notch. If you like Aesthetix, go ahead and LIKE their Facebook page if you've not done so already.
Glenn is simply awesome. I've dealt with him on occasion from a technical perspective for years. Simply the best service available, the products and service are exceptional.