Aesthetix Romulus Signature Upgrade Worth the $3,000 ?

Hi all,

I just purchased a "base" Aesthetix Romulus and am very happy with it. Has anyone had their unit upgraded to Signature or heard the base unit and Signature unit side by side? I am wondering what the sonic differences were and if you think it is a worthwhile upgrade. The vast majority of my units use is spinning cd's on a high resolution system. I would be particularly interested in the difference in dynamics and bass extension with the upgrade.

Thanks for looking!!


I ordered a pair of Gold Lions to switch out the E83ccsTeslovaks and we will see how that goes. Is anyone using the EAT tube dampers that Aesthetix apparently has used in some review samples? Thoughts? I figured those were the more important of the 2 sets to roll first.

Also, almost forgot, I am using a Shunyata Alpha Digital cord on the Romulus but have nothing to compare it to. What is everyone using with success?


Hi rja, are you using the Romulus straight to an amplifier?,  if so,  what amplifier's are you using? ,tell me how much better the eclipse is than the signature,  and standard model's, all with volume control, have you compared useing the player's volume control to an active pre-amp?
I have Mullard 10M 12AX7s and also 6JD8's--the 10M's are fantastic tubes but very pricey to get the real deal. 

I'm currently running Tesla (authentic old stock--beware there are many fakes) 803S's and the Mullard 10M 6JD8's. For my tastes, this is a great combo. 

At at some point I'll likely try some triple mica 5751's. 

Yes I’m using the CDP directly into the amp as I have with a long succession of CDPs and DACs. I gave up pre-amps many years ago. I’m currently using a McCormack DNA225 with Steve McCormack Platinum mods + ARC, advanced rectifier curcuit. These mods cost more than the amp but I’ve been very happy with the results. I’m considering a new tube amp in 2016 for winter duty.

As far as I know, the Eclipse and Signature are similar but Eclipse does not have DSD.

The Mullard 10M tubes suggested by rrsclyde are great if you can find them and want to pay the usual steep price required. If I win the lottery I’ll stock up on them. ;^) I may try something different instead of the Telefunken E88CC which might have a bit of hardness on top. I’ve already tried Amperex USA 6922 & 7308 so suggestions would be appreciated.