Aesthetix Romulus Signature Upgrade Worth the $3,000 ?

Hi all,

I just purchased a "base" Aesthetix Romulus and am very happy with it. Has anyone had their unit upgraded to Signature or heard the base unit and Signature unit side by side? I am wondering what the sonic differences were and if you think it is a worthwhile upgrade. The vast majority of my units use is spinning cd's on a high resolution system. I would be particularly interested in the difference in dynamics and bass extension with the upgrade.

Thanks for looking!!

Tungsol and Electro came w my Pandora.
I rolled to Motorola and Telefunken w Andy at Vintage tube supply as recommended by Glen at Aesthetix.
I did the upgrade to SIG and feel w DSD and the FPGA it represents good value BUT as astutely pointed out I do more than spin CD.
I also have HRS damper. 

Break in takes a while. like 300 hours..IMO

I think sig upgrade is good, DIY is certaily better value.

I may do the next cap upgrade myself..or make a Lampi or Rankin DHT move....a LOT of that will depend on how MQA goes...


are you using an all-Aesthetix set-up? If so, you may want the signature upgrade.

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
A bit off topic here, but those of you that use a server with Windows OS with your Romulus--what version of the Streamlength driver are you using?  I'm still using the original v126s that I installed when I first got my Romulus, but have lately been encountering more and more driver issues (I'm running WS 2012 Essentials R2 as my OS). I can't seem to locate anything about the necessary drivers on the Aesthetix site (even though the manual points you to the site....), and haven't heard back from my query to Aesthetix (maybe due to CES). 

I pi would appreciate it if you could check and see what version driver you are using and let me know. 


Grannyring pls post up the All the audiopoints parts you are using under the DCP ...My simple math says a tad bit more than $360 when 6 sets of points, etc purchased...apples and oranges vibration isolation theory at work at well vs. HRS system ( not saying one is superior)..
anyway post up the list and I may take a whack at an A/ B comparo to the HRS feet as supplied by Aesthetix. I have a set of HRS Nimbus couplers under the Server I can swap in as well for grins...