aesthetix rhea with passive volume control

Has anyone tried using a Rhea with a passive balanced volume control? Was there enough gain and bottom end control to be happy? I really hate the idea of putting an active preamp in between the rhea and my Pass XA amps. At least not the kind of active preamp I would want to afford.
If you haven't bought anything yet, maybe consider a Janus.
Yes, when I had mine, I ran it through a passive. I now use the IO and still have no issues with a passive. The guy I sold my Rhea to sold his active after hearing my passive with the Rhea in his system.

That said, how well a passive will work for you is system dependent and have to be matched well for it to work. When done right, it's hard to beat a passive.

If you have a stand alone phone stage now or know someone in your area that does, why not buy a cheap passive & try it. That's one way to know for sure.
Thanks for the response.