Aesthetix Rhea vs. BAT VK P-10 Phono Stage

Has anyone ever had the opportunity to compare these great Phono stages? What if anything are the sonic differences? They look a lot alike on the insides. Both have 10 tubes.Which one has more micro information, bass and air? Is one better than the other? What tubes are best?
I have heard the Bat vk p-10 se with super pack and it was about the finest phone stage I have ever heard. It had great air, detail clarity, was very easy to listen to, great bass slam. I loved it and wish I had one. It is great. I have also heard the aesthetix and had one for a few weeks. It was ok but not my cup of tea. It had an exaggerated tube "bloom", was not very quiet, you could hear a little tube rush but with the music on it was not noticeable. I really think that they are in two complete different worlds. One qualifier. I have not heard the signature version of the aesthetix and I have not heard the basic version of the BAT. BAT has come out with a new model and I think there are a few places discounting current Bat phono stages.
I have the BAT with upgraded caps and new transformers. Too tight for tube bloom for sure. I'm sure the Aesthetix has it's own positives, can't speak to that. The BAT hammers the music home though.
These are very different sounding units. The BAT will provide more macro-detail and bass, while the Aesthetix will provide more micro-detail and resolution. Air, or spaciousness is about the same. Which one will work best for you is your call. You pays yer money, you makes yer choices.
I did own the Rhea and for me it is everything but a "great" Phonostage. The higher gains were really noisy, it had a kind of unnatural bloom and detail clarity, I guess my "Listening Standard" is a bit different...well, I strongly recommend to do a listening before you are going to buy it. I bought it based on huge recommendations here from A'goners (85% Performance of the IO but much cheaper) ...
I'd have to agree with jmcgrogan2. Years ago I had vkp10se and compared it to the Rhea in my own system. The aesthetix has more resolution, the bat more meat of the bones...I kept the's more they are different than one is better than the other...About 5 years ago I did replace the BAT with a Nagra VPS/VFS