Aesthetix Rhea...shut down problem....

Hi all...I read the review by Racerguy in AA and found it quite wonderful and informative. I have a question to anyone who has or used a Rhea. I borrowed one for a week or two and I love it (more to come). However, last night, after listening 2-3 hours the Rhea SHUT down? It didn't go into mute , it just shut down....(kept standby). So I hit mute and returned to listen. A minute later...again!!!!

What's up?
I've learned that the Rhea I was auditioning was a very, very early model. This Rhea was susceptible to any static in or around the unit/room. I called Jim White and he advised me of this. He assured me that the newer Rhea's do not have this problem and the fix to this did not, in any way, alter the sonics of the Rhea itself.
Now for the decision....I was impressed with the Rhea for it's sound and flexibility ......I also considered the Lamm LP2, Manley Steelhead and the ARC Ref Phono but I am leaning
towards the Rhea for these reasons: sonics, flexibility (as I mentioned) and I can purchase the unit new at a fair price. Comments for anyone???

Thanks again