Aesthetix Rhea & Modwright SWP 9.0 se

Does anyone have experience with these Phono stages
I'm using a Dynavector XXII Mk2 on a Graham Phantom arm and
a Raven One table.
Music taste is classic rock , vocals ,singer/songwriters, and classical orchestra.
I value LOW NOISE, dynamics,real life images and recreation of recording venue.
I just bought last month my second Modwright SWP 9.0SE
You mention "I value LOW NOISE" how about no noise. Mine is dead quiet, there is no hum or any noise what so ever. My friend has your Rhea which is very good, but we have done A/B on these two units and the Modwright is the winner everytime. Just so much more of everything going for it.
The Modwright is VERY dynamic,Image and seperation I feel does not get any better. Low end on this unit has bettered any other I have heard or owned.
Thanks Dave,
I appreciate your input.
Actually, I own neither component, but am planning on selecting one.
Your experience comparing the 2 units is most helpful.
Is there anyone else that can provide opinions on either of
these phono stages?
I owned a Rhea a few years back. I found it to be somewhat difficult to quiet down to any degree. The Rhea had a nice, big sound that pushed out the mid-range a bit over the frequency extremes. Lots of nice features. I have heard that there have been improvements to the Rhea since then. I have no experience with Modwright.
I never owned the Rhea but did own the one box Aesthetix Janus Line/Phone. Superb build and design layout, full function remote even for phono options. Unit was a costly endeavor as it needed a lot of tube rolling, isolation, and power cord play to get it semi right. The Aesthetix was purchased to eliminate a rack space as my previous Phono stage was the Conrad Johnson Premier 15 Series 2, the Aesthetix never came close to the CJ on any level and my CJ was stock, hence I sold the Janus. I had Modwright SWL 9.0 SE in another system and purchased a AR PH3SE which also needed a bit or tube rolling but was quite satisfying. Today I own a Modwright SWP 9.0 SE and the Phonostage search is over as it's almost like a gift as I'm also running a $20K+ analog front end. I strongly agree with Valleyplastic that the Modwright is worth auditioning as it may well be the sleeper product in Dan's product line. It will compete with any phonostage double the cost and you can buy a whole lot of vinyl with the difference! :)