Aesthetix Rhea?

I was wondering if the noise issue's that I have read about on audiogon have been taken care of with current production units.
If you own one, how do you like it? and did you change the stock tubes?
love it...not noisy especially if you try not to push the gain. I have great results at 50db with a clearaudio concerto (.5mv) using a Calypso. Mine is the regular unit and is about 2 years old.
Love it, and haven't had any noise issues with mine that I can recall. The stock tubes are fine, but after talking to a gentleman at Aesthetix, I've replaced the 12AX7 tubes with NOS 7058 types and like what I'm hearing.
No noise issues here. Bought one used a couple of years ago and last year replaced all the tubes with a new set from Aesthetix. This allowed me to go one gain stage higher and drop any remaining the tube rush considerably. Bass tightened and soundstage became larger, more low level/ambient retreival.

One of the finest phono stages around.
I should have added that I run my Helikon at 62 dB (whereas only 56 dB with the original tubes) and at 125 Ohms.
I had one - for a short time - some time ago. Well, the noise, yes, in my - sensitive- Speaker System everything from 60+ was more or less not useable. And the Soundstage was foggy and compressed. I used it in combination with several Line Preamps, Aesthetix, Klyne .... but at the end of day it was disappointing. Probably it will work with a low sensitive System better, but for me it was nothing to write home about.
Not a Rhea, but an IO, no noises, no issues. Great sounding phono amp.

I also have an origional Rhea. Love it. Go for it.

Have had same experience as Syntax, noisy and I tried many tubes but could not get noise to go away, this was several years ago so have not tried a newer version, just not worth the trouble IMHO.
Just a note that Aesthetix has topnotch factory service. Fast and helpful, in my experience. Ask for Glenn Buckley.
Dito on tips from Glenn Buckley.
I had the original Rhea and sent it in for the newer circuit upgrade and bought tubes from Vintage Tube Service and had 0 noise issues. I also had the Calypso and upgraded to the much more musical! So...I upgraded to the Signature Rhea and love the synergy these two provide w/ Pass Labs XA-30.5 and my Basis T.T. I would love to hear the IO...but how much better is it than the Rhea Sig?
I guess the real question now is how does the Rhea (reg or dig) compare to the new Manley Chinook?
Only ONE pair of inputs on the Chinook? Not a chance. I'm using all three on the Rhea and it's a kick to be able to change gain and loading (plus demag) from the remote.
I recently purchased a demo unit of the Rhea SE. I had always heard it in a large open area of the show room, and had always loved the music. When I got it home, I was surprised how loud the unit is, audible at the listening chair. I contacted the dealer who said the unit is within spec, and that this is just a result of the amount of gain from tubes. I'll admit it sounds great when I'm listening to tunes, but between, it not just audiphilia, its really audible. Have ordered tubes from Jim Mcshane. Is this my unit, the design, or inherent in using all tubes for gain? I'm only tolerating the 56 db gain setting.