Aesthetix RCA Phase output question

I have question regarding my Aesthetix Io sig phono stage
output, I would like to try RCA instead balance connection to my preamp (ARC Ref2 mkII) but there is
two connections per each channel phase + and phase -,
can I use + on each channel output ?
I use VPI HR-X (JMW 12.6) and VDH Colibri XCP (HO)
Best Regards and thanks for input
The Aesthetix Io is true balanced design from front to rear, including four deck balanced volume controls (if so equipped).

When you look at the rear you have choice of true balanced (XLR) or RCA as phase normal (+) or phase reverse (-). Your Audio Research is phase correct, so the plus (+) RCA jacks are the correct ones to use.

thanks Albert,
Recently I have read in Absolute Sound that Io sounds much better in single ended mode both in and out, what is your experienced, in my system rca in and xlr out sounds better than all rca. Rest of my system Tenor Wp75 balance connected to the ref 2 & Amati Homage
I like the Aesthetix both ways. Single ended has a bit more "magic," sort of a SET kind of sound. The balanced is more dynamic and streamlined and slightly better noise and control.

Since my Soundlabs are already fairly musical and lack the punch of dynamic woofers, I am currently running Purist Audio's cable for the Japan market in balanced mode.

I still occasionally recall the magic of Allison Krauss when I was all single ended Dominus. It was not as wide band or as dynamic but the soul of the music would put chills all over your body. Especially if your attracted to Alison's voice and fragile beauty as much as I am.

My most recent upgrade was rewiring my Walker turntable, using XLR connectors obtained from Jim White at Aesthetix. Although this is not balanced in the true sense, the Aesthetix connectors are superb and combined with the new Ferox Purist Audio cables, it is an incredible combo.

The transfer of my .25 MV Koetsu output to Io actually went up in volume approximately 1.5 DB. This is an indication of the ability of this new wire to transfer very delicate and low intensity signal over a 1.52 meter run.

One last thing. The review you mention was performed with all stock Russian tubes, so the added "beauty" of single ended was almost a requirement to add a bit of musicality to the system they used. Balanced with proper NOS tubes is more musical than single ended with Russian tubes and the benefits of balanced remain.

Of course you could go with NOS and stay single ended with Dominus and have 24 hour goose bumps. In other words, everything is relative to the gear and situation and what the listener prefers.
Great thanks, Just started to get NOS for my unit,
got two red base 5692 GE (used)from TubeSeller but steal prefer Russian, I guess this pair is not as good as brand new red base NOS RCA version, also buy some Mazda chrome plate 12AX7 and again I was disappointed, they where very bright.
I may have to tray Tele instead. I do believe in NOS tubes, I used to have ARC LS25 before my ref2 and used it with Mullards 6922 it was great improvement, I would not consider to listen to that preamp with out NOS tubes, by the way do you know good reliable place to get set of NOS tube you have recommended on Audiogon for Aesthetix?
Here is a link to an old post at Audiogon back in 2001, where much of my tube preferences for the Aesthetix are discussed.

The EL 34 is vital to the test and must be replaced before you can test the other types. The GE 5692 is the worst choice in that position, the RCA and Sylvania as well as the VT 231 types are all superior.

Aftermarket vendors for NOS tubes include Vintage Tube (Andy Bauwman) at 616-454-3467 and BWS (Bruce Wenger) at 703-536-3910.

Both are good friends of mine, both extremely knowledgeable about all types of tubes. Try them and see if they have what you need. Obviously since none of these tubes have been made in many years the supplies are variable and may not be available when you want them.
albert, you no longer like the 5692 in the IO?
Yes I like the 5692 in the Io and Callisto, but I don't like the GE, assuming it's really a GE and not a re-branded RCA.

My reference to the EL 34 was in the power supply. The stock Sovtek tubes are so distorted compared to Mullards it makes it difficult to judge the 5692 and 12AX7 tube swaps. Sorry if I confused the issue.

I still use RCA red base 5692 tubes in the Io and Callisto and Mullard EL 34 in the Callisto and Genelex KT 77 in the Io instead of the manufacturer provided Russian tubes. As mentioned in my 2001 posts, the Genelex KT 66 is also a marvelous choice and I still love that tube. As before, the chassis must be punched to run it as it's too tall to clear the cage.